Acne No More By Applying Sesame Oil & Taking Natural Herbal Supplement

Acne No More Naturally Using Sesame Oil, Water and Herbal Supplement

This natural way to acne no more was shared to me – this really simple natural method yet shows effective for this lady. Her natural path to acne no more using sesame oil and most of the time just water. And she does keep to an ‘acne and skin friendly’ diet and tries best to stay cheerful and upbeat.

Although she has found this path to acne no more works for her, it may or may not work for you. Before doing anything, you are again, advised to see your doctor. Meantime, I would like to share this simple way to acne no more and who knows, it may work for you too – if you so choose to give this a try 🙂

She found sesame oil works great for her (this surprised me) and kept with it for years. After listening to her, I did more research about this wonder-acne-oil. And to my surprise too, looks like sesame oil had also worked for many others. This sounds great to me.

The acne no more routine is simple really…

For twice a day, wash your face or skin with water or you may use a mild natural cleanser. Sometimes she washes her face with just water. Then have 2-3 drops of sesame oil on your palm, rub your palms together and sort of like dab or pat the sesame oil on your skin or face gently – this is especially for those with dry skin that needs some moisturizer. Then apply thin layers directly on your acne, pimples or affected areas. Most skin are pretty tolerant to sesame oil.

By the way, she avoids using especially benzoyl peroxide as it was too harsh for her skin. Benzoyl peroxide although worked quite fast in early weeks, later on caused adverse skin irritations and made her acne worse than before. She had it pretty bad with BP. She got more acne instead of acne no more…

And just a side note, I also found out that sesame oil works pretty good for hair – especially frizzy and dry hair. It even helps keep scalp infections and dandruff away. Looks like sesame oil works amazingly. Sesame oil is aromatic and used in many Asian dishes. It is an all-rounder!  🙂

Let us look at some acne no more benefits of sesame oil and for your skin in general…

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    • Sesame oil (especially in Ayurveda) is popularly used as the base oil for massage oils. This oil is known to make a natural good skin moisturizer and it has anti-aging properties.
    • Penetrates deeply – If you are familiar with therapeutic essential oils, you may also know that not all essential oils are made to be alike, or equal. I mean, not all have the same penetration or can be absorbed by our skin equally well. The fattier oils (rich in polyunsaturated fat) are better absorbed. So sesame oil is a popular base or carrier oil because it is rich on polyunsaturated fat. Therefore, sesame oil penetrates your pores or skin easily.
    • Antioxidant – Studies have shown sesame oil to be a powerful antioxidant because it has a natural compound called sesamol. Well, as many would have known and as I have mentioned in my ‘supplement posts’ – antioxidants are vital for healthy skin and even overall health.
    • Moisture – Sesame oil has been widely used since a very long time ago. Since most skin types are generally tolerant of sesame oil, this oil has been used to relieve many skin problems like eczema, psoriasis and to keep dry skin well-moisturized. And because sesame oil penetrate easily and deeply, it high content of vitamin E is also absorbed by our skin. Vitamin E has been recommended by many, including health care and skin care professionals, to help relieve and treat many skin problems.
    • Sunscreen – Sesame oil can also be used to rub on your skin to protect it from UV rays that can cause skin cancer. There is a study that states that using sesame oil as a sunscreen can block out about 30 harmful UV rays. Do you know that the oil’s high linoleic acid content can inhibit skin cancer cell growth? This is great information. There is more – US FDA has also approved sesame oil as an ingredient for commercial sunscreen.
    • Antibacterial and anti-inflammation – If you read my other write-ups about taking herbal supplements for acne-no-more process, I have also mentioned that ingredients that are antibacterial helps control or suppress acne causing bacteria. And anti-inflammation helps reduce redness and relieve skin inflammation – this is especially vital for the natural ‘acne no more process’.
    • Cheap! – I can get sesame oil easily and it is so cheap. And I can also use this oil to make my cooking aromatic and delicious. So this is probably the best ever reason to use sesame oil 😉


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