Acne Spot Treatment Looks At Natural Ingredients To Zap Away Your Zits

Acne Spot Treatment

When we have like pimples or mild to moderate acne, acne spot treatment are over-the-counter acne products that will ‘quickly relief’ or zap away your pimples and acne. Other than OTC acne spot products, you can also use some natural ingredients or remedies as your acne spot treatment.

So acne spot treatment stuff is mostly topical or something you apply externally on to your skin like lotions, creams, gels, pastes, etc. Such treatments are meant to ‘quickly treat’ ‘individual blemishes and pimples’ but not the whole face or skin or acne area or patches.

And if you have serious or severe acne like cystic acne and scars, acne spot treatments usually cannot do the trick. In any case of acne, do see a dermatologist before doing or starting any acne treatment whether it is externally or orally.

The following paragraphs talk about some natural and ‘unnatural’ acne spot treatment, in summary. For some of this information, when you poke around my site, you will see posts I have written about these ingredients.

Now let us look at some natural acne spot treatment in summary…

Tea tree oil

There are many brands of tea tree oil out there – just use the one that works best for you. For occasional pimples I use Bodyshop’s Tea Tree Oil which works fine. You may try same or another brand. It is simple – I apply directly on my pimple spots after washing my face before I sleep. So I leave this on overnight. Tea tree oil penetrates well and is good for killing acne causing bacteria.

Coconut Oil or Virgin Coconut Oil

Apply this as how you would apply tea tree oil (as above paragraph) on to your acne spots. To leave or not to leave on your skin overnight really is up to you. You may also wash off after leaving it on your skin for 20-30 minutes.

Green Tea

Green tea helps reduce inflammation while killing acne causing bacteria – as topical application. When you drink green tea, like sencha or matcha green tea, it helps detoxify your body – which is great for skin.

To make green tea drink, just soak a green tea bag in hot water for a few minutes – this depends on how strong or diluted you want your tea to be. You can drink this hot, chilled or ice cold. You can use green tea leaves or green tea powder. And leave some to dab on your face (use a piece of facial cotton).

For paste, mix matcha green tea powder water to make a paste. You can also mix this with green tea water. Then apply this paste to your blemishes. Leave on overnight. You may also read my posts on green tea. In case you have dry skin, moisturise your face, then apply paste.

Lemon Juice

To have this diluted (in case you feel pure juice is too strong for your skin) just add a little of water to pure lemon juice (juice squeezed out from a lemon). Dab this over your skin using a piece of facial cotton. Leave this on.

Garlic Paste or Juice

I hear that garlic, although it can sting for some people, has wonderful antibacterial and antiseptic qualities make it an effective natural acne spot treatment.

To make paste, just mash or pound a clove of garlic and add a little water. Apply this on your skin.

To make garlic juice, mash the garlic and add more water (as how you like it to be). Dab this on to your skin using a piece of facial cotton.

Mung Bean Powder/Paste

You can get mung bean wash powder from like an Indian shop. This powder is pretty easy for me to get here as there are Indian shops around. And I can also get this from a local grocery store here. It would be great if you can get this. Otherwise the other natural stuff here works great too.

To make this spot acne treatment, you need mung bean wash powder and water. Mix this into a thick paste that you can apply on to your skin. Alternatively, you can replace water with plain yoghurt or something like aloe vera gel. Keeping this simple will do. Leave on overnight if you wish or wash this paste off after 30 minutes (this depends on you really).

Other Natural Acne Spot Treatment

Other natural stuff you can use to spot treat your blemishes are aloe vera gel, raw honey, witch hazel and apple cider vinegar. You can apply aloe vera gel, raw honey or witch hazel directly onto your skin (like most of the other natural stuff up there). As for apple cider vinegar, if you prefer it more diluted (as some may feel it stings or is too strong for skin), just add a little water and it should feel better on your skin.

Next, are 3 ‘Other’ substances used for acne spot treatment…


Sulfur has been used for a long time to treat acne. It the old days, sulfur was used to treat skin problems like dermatitis, rosacea, warts and even dandruff. However, sulfur has a strong smell – personally, I do not like how it smells. And I would only use something like this by itself, if I really had no other choice that works. Or like this is the last resort, ever. This is just like I would choose not to use eggs for my hair although I hear it is good for hair 🙂

Now though, sulfur is used in many spot acne treatment products, so it does not smell as awful, for most of these products. This substance reduces oiliness on your skin to prevent your pores getting blocked – which causes acne to breakout. It works pretty good.

For some people though, sulfur can be too strong and can cause skin irritations. Do see your doctor before using this on your skin or at least do a skin patch test. Then if your skin is already inflamed, red or like chapped, use this only when your skin has healed. In any case, consult your doctor or skin specialist.

Benzoyl Peroxide or BP

You may have heard that benzoyl peroxide is really effective in treating acne fast. BP like sulfur, has been used to fight acne for a long time and can be found in many OTC spot acne treatment products. If you click around my site, you will come across a blog I ‘dedicated’ to just talk about BP – so lots of info here.

There are ‘controversies’ about this substance. It is a strong substance and gives ‘fast relief’ to acne. However, it can also cause adverse skin affects if not used ‘carefully’. Look at precautions on products labels. Start with thin layers and just once a day. Give your skin time to tolerate BP. And keep your skin well-moisturized. Do follow usage instructions and precautions to take when treating your skin with benzoyl peroxide

In case you want to give BP a try, it is best to see a skin specialist first. In is also better to have BP combined with a really good quality ‘mix’ of natural ingredients. And really, Exposed acne treatment has this good mix of BP (as active ingredient) and medicated ingredients, with natural ingredients.

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Salicylic Acid or SA

Salicylic acid works as effectively as benzoyl peroxide – but it is gentler on the skin than BP. Still you need to carefully follow usage instructions. You cannot use too much of SA on your skin or you may experience adverse skin irritations and redness. You also need to keep your skin well-moisturized. Same thing – ‘start small’ and increase amount and frequency when your skin reacts fine with SA. Salicylic acid too can be found in many acne treatment products.

In case you would like to try SA, Clearpores and Zenmed I see, has a quality list of natural ingredients combined with medicated ingredients and SA. You should check out these sites too to find out more about the ingredients used. In fact, both also have something all natural to fight acne from within. Both ClearPores and Zenmed can compliment acne spot treatment well. Going to my review page will also give you this information.

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