Acne Treatment Reviews And Looking At Reviews Based On Set Of Criteria

Acne Treatment Reviews

While doing online as well as ‘off line’ research of how to choose the best acne treatment, in particular how to look at acne treatment reviews to choose the best acne treatment, I realized even way before my review site was set up – I had looked at dozens and dozens of acne treatment systems or products review sites. acne treatment reviews to choose the best acne treatment image

For my acne treatment reviews site, other than listening to feedback from acne sufferers, I looked at tons of acne info and numerous acne review sites to learn and know how I can give the best, most comprehensive and quality reviews possible.

As I have shared, I commit myself to build my site the best I can, the best I know how – I feel, for my journey to be meaningful every day in building this site, that is the ‘way to go’.

With so much info and so many acne treatment reviews sites, the question acne sufferers ask – how to look at acne treatment reviews to choose the best acne treatment – possible…

And we say ‘possible’ because the reality is, there is no absolute guarantee of ‘totally healing acne’ whether you go to a dermatologist, treat yourself at home, go for lasers and lights method, use OTC products, get your acne treatment online, get prescriptive medication or use all natural ways – treat inside, outside or inside out.

Effectiveness is more of higher or lower percentages and this really depends on many other factors too, apart from your acne and skin condition.

And it is best to start with fixing an appointment with your doctor or dermatologist, get evaluated and see which direction or what options you have.

All that said, some acne treatment systems or products offer money-back guarantees – should the acne treatment fail to work within a certain time period – which is not great because it still means you are not healed, but as acne sufferer said, “it’s not great you know, but what the heck, at least I get my money back so like ‘all is not lost’! And I use this money to keep looking! It’s frustrating…”

If You Have Money To Burn…

But if you have a few thousand dollars to burn, you can try expensive light and laser acne treatments – you can even remove acne scars with these sophisticated treatments. Still, these treatments need to be ‘complimented’ with every day skin care or acne skin care products and to ‘manage’ some side effects redness, dryness and sometimes dark spots on skin.

And there are also many acne treatment reviews on these methods.

Good thing though, light and laser treatments do not cause your skin to have allergic reactions and the healing percentage is high like up to 85%.

But should this treatment fail on you, there is no money back guarantee and you have just burned a huge hole in your wallet.

And yes, you need to take other factors into consideration too because you still need to ‘tackle’ the inside cause of acne – like sticking to the right diet, lifestyle, keeping your stress levels down, have good digestion, etc.

Factors Or Criterias For How To Look At Acne Treatment Reviews To Choose The Best Acne Treatment

Product Ingredient

I feel ingredient and substance is the most important criteria in an acne treatment system or product. This actually ‘determines’ if the product is best or not for your skin or acne condition.

And when we know what is in our treatment, we can also find out if we have any allergies or sensitivities to the ingredient(s) – prevent triggering inflammation or more inflammation, more redness, itchiness or any irritations on your skin.

That is why when we know what ingredient is used in the acne treatment, we should check with our doctor or dermatologist to test for skin allergies or sensitivities. A skin patch test helps too. Some acne treatment reviews sites state the product ingredients too.

And it is important to go for quality acne treatment ingredients and substances – natural ingredients should be quality natural ingredients that treat acne inside out.

Acne Treatment Power

When we discussed this ‘power’ factor, we realize that at the end of the day, really, we are not merely looking for ‘quick fixes’ that “don’t work anyway” and worse “get our hopes up high, then bring us crashing to the ground” or make “acne burn and feel like exploding”.

Acne treatment power for us, means it gets rid of acne, results last, has the least side effects, keeps our skin clear and healthy (and better yet, keeps us healthy overall), and acne does not come back worse than before when we get immune to treatment – or rather the substance or medication.

So do also look for this info or criteria in an acne treatment reviews site.

In fact, side effects like allergic reactions can be prevented. When we know the ingredients in the treatment, we should see our doctor or dermatologist for advice and evaluation before starting any kind of acne treatment.

Even if we want to do the sophisticated light and laser treatment, we need to see the specialist first for consultation and evaluation. The fact is, not all light and laser treatments are suitable for any kind of acne condition. And we need to know how to best take care of our skin during and after these treatments. Then, other ‘life factors’ are involved too.

For us, acne treatment power is best possible to be “an overall thing”. And lasts, as long as we take good care of your skin every day and “practice other factors” best we can.

Then just treating acne externally is fine too, as long as no adverse side effects and “acne returns with a vengeance”, and it works to clear acne.

If there is something that is ‘medicated’ but more natural based, that effectively treats inside-out, gives healthy and clear skin, gives overall good health, lasting results – “what the heck, why shouldn’t we try this first? It just makes sense this way…”


This is a short one, because at the end of the day, this point is really, a personal thing.

We all had different opinions about this. It really depends on us, what is most important for us respectively, our respective personal lives, incomes and expenses, and all that – and how we see ‘price for quality’.

But we can agree that at the end of the day, a reliable and ‘fair enough’ and good money-back guarantee matters a lot. Go for more reputable companies that give reliable money-back guarantees within a ‘good or fair enough time period’.

Stay away from companies that for example, use low quality ingredients and is not reliable when it comes to refunds.

So this is also something to look for in acne treatment reviews.

Long Lasting Results

How to look at acne treatment reviews to choose the best acne treatment, possible – one factor to look into is how long the results (like clear, radiant, even toned, beautiful, acne free, healthy) can last – as long as you continue to practice good skin care and the other ‘life factors’ that can either keep your acne under control and maintain your ‘good skin’ results or cause acne to flare up again.

Realistically, there are no ‘quick fixes’ to getting rid of acne, okay.  Claims like ‘get rid of acne in 7 days, in 3 days, in 1 week’, do not happen and do not make any medical sense. For your own good, stay away from such claims and acne treatment reviews, systems and products.

And a note here, if any acne treatment system or product that you have tried (even reputable companies) does not work to get rid of acne for you, or cause adverse effects (usually due to allergic reaction) – stop this acne treatment and fix an appointment with your doctor or dermatologist.

Again I emphasize, before starting any acne treatment or product, see your doctor or skin specialist, get advice, get an evaluation, do your skin allergy test and know and understand your treatment options.

Looking at feedback, more natural based (combined with some medication), complete, holistic and treats acne inside-out (getting rid of acne from the root) have shown good, lasting results.

Although such treatment takes like 1-2 months to first ‘sort out’ your insides and get to acne root cause. You may see improvement in about a month, some in two weeks, but to completely clear acne and giving beautiful results, take from 3-6 months.

Final Note

A final note on how to look at acne treatment reviews to choose the best acne treatment is we feel it is vital to do your own research and homework and make informed decisions. Apart from my site, there are tons, and I mean TONS of acne and skin info out there to help guide you so that you make informed decisions.

And up there you have 4 factors or criterias to guide you in how to look at acne treatment reviews to choose the best acne treatment.


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