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Acne Treatment

Are you suffering from acne too? Then you have to the right place to look for an acne treatment solution to effectively deal with your specific acne case – very mild, mild, moderate and severe. This site offers various solutions and information to help your specific acne case.

Many people think or assume acne is a normal or simple problem which given time, will vanish into thin air. However, I have been told that really is not the case and acne hurts – physically and emotionally.

In most cases, acne sufferers go in never-ending circles looking for the ‘magic’ acne treatment but in many cases too, acne is tenacious. The root cause of acne (still being researched for absolute validation of what really causes acne) seems to stick to the acne sufferer which can go on for years.

Finding Your Acne Treatment Solution

Here’s a really simple picture. Our skin produces natural oil called sebum. Natural oil is all good for our skin. The problem happens when we produce too much sebum or oil. So when this excess oil mixes with dirt in our skin pores, our pores get blocked.

Pores that are blocked triggers acne – this is the common cause – and acne usually starts very mild. And how can this then get worse?

Not using acne treatment or the right acne treatment, then having poor hygiene and diet, living life in the fast lane and getting stressed up, lack of quality sleep, wacky hormones, genetics  and possibly  other factors too as research is ongoing. All this makes acne worse.

Get Pro Advice about Condition and Acne Treatment

Yes, before you rush off to grab some kind of acne treatment for your skin, please go get yourself checked. At least, fix an initial appointment with your trusted doctor or skin specialist (you can also ask for recommendations) to get some consultation and see if you need to take any skin test.

Remember, you may need to find out if you are allergic to anything. And if you do, you do not want to consume such stuff or have it on your skin. This helps when you go about choosing acne treatment supplements, creams, moisturizers, clothes or cloth material, etc.

Natural Acne Treatment, Home Remedies or Natural Supplements

Home acne remedies are using ingredients like raw honey, tea tree oil, chamomile oil, strawberries, lemon juice, rice flour paste, green tea powder paste, etc. Such natural home acne treatment or remedies are more suitable for very mild to mild acne. But there are mild to moderate acne sufferers who use green tea powder paste or tea tree oil and have found that these ingredients work for them. I have tried using rice flour powder or green tea powder for my occasional pimples and they worked just fine.

Then you can also have something natural to fight acne from the inside. Supplements that work to fight acne at its root, like ClearPores 100% natural herbal supplements have proven to give great results and improve general health and vitality.

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It may be comforting to know that when it comes to using 100% natural ingredients, there are usually no adverse effects on the skin.

Acne Treatment for Moderate to Severe Cases

For such acne cases, you can find acne treatment online or in drug, health stores or pharmacies.

The most popular active ingredients used in these acne treatment products are benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. These acne treatment products are medicated for the most part. Some though like ClearPores and Zenmed for instance, have salicylic acid plus natural based ingredients, and both come with natural supplements.

You can find out more about Zenmed by clicking here.


acne treatment zenmed

Then you can find over the counter acne treatment products with a common active that is benzoyl peroxide and/or salicylic acid.

Some people also use antibiotics and birth control pills or contraceptives – you need to get your doctor’s advice and prescription for these.

For severe cases, like having big, red, sore hard bumps on your skin like having pus and acne cysts as well as scars, there are those who opt for light and laser acne treatment. This is the most costly of all acne remedy. The success rates are high though, right up to 85%. Those who have the cash can do this. Bear in mind – no guarantees here. And unlike some online products that give money-back guarantees – no such thing here.

Some Acne Treatment Tips To Take Away

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    • You need to practice good hygiene, overall proper and healthy diet as well as a healthy lifestyle. When you are stressed out, do something to wind down and relax. And smoking and having too much alcohol is bad for your skin and overall health. Drink lots of water, eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Get enough good sleep.
    • Take care of your skin daily. Keep to your every day skin care routine like cleansing and keeping your skin adequately moist. Use water based (oil free) skin care products or make up (if you have to).
    • When you wash or clean your skin, do this gently and doing this twice a day is good enough. Too much cleaning and being harsh will aggravate your acne and make it worse. Do not pop your zits.
    • Keep hands away from your skin. Keep your pillows especially clean.
    • Having a bright, cheerful and positive attitude will definitely help to make your personality shine 🙂


Following all these handy tips will go along way in supporting your acne treatment process.

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