Acne Treatment More Supplement That Gets Rid Of Acne Inside Out

Acne Treatment With Herbal Supplements

Just to refresh, I have researched and shared some information about 4 herbal ingredients namely dandelion, burdock root and yellow dock pair, as well as echinacea purpurea used in acne treatment supplement. Let’s move on to more of my findings, to understand some herbal ingredients better and how they may work for acne treatment.

Red Clover For Acne Treatment

I think these herbs are called quite amazing terms like red clover is also called ‘God’s Greatest Blessings to Man.’

Then some other common names for red clover are Purple Clover, Broad Red, Cleaver Grass, Cow Grass, Marl Grass, Wild Clover and Trefoil. Its botanical name is Trifolium Pratense.acne treatment red clover

Red Clover can grow up to 2 feet in sunny areas. It grows well in moist and well-drained soil. This plant can be eaten with salads and used as flavoring in honey.

Then the flower heads with upper leaves can be dried and used as sweet, cooling and cleansing ingredient for herbal preparations.

It has been trusted and used by herbalists for years since traditional times, for clean blood and for the good health of our skin. It can also be used externally as an antiseptic to be applied on skin.

When taken orally, it works great for our overall health like keeps our lungs, throat and chest healthy, gives good respiratory health and good for women’s health.

Moreover, it keeps our system clean which keeps our kidney, bladder, liver, stomach and digestive system working healthily so that we have a naturally strong immune system and natural defenses.

All these are vital for good hair and skin too. So seems this is a good herbal ingredient for acne treatment.

See… this is how you can eat this herb…again, thanks to JoeandZachSurvival =)

Sarsaparilla Root For Acne Treatment

Sarsaparilla is also known as Shot Bush, Smilax, Rabbit Root / Brown Sarsaparillla and Jamaican Sarsaparilla.

This herb plant is a vine plant with long roots that trails the ground. It grows small flowers with black, blue or red berry-like fruits.

The root smells spicy and sweet and has a pleasant taste after processing. Before, the roots would taste bitter, is sticky and have a strong odor or smell. The roots are dried then boiled to get the extract.

sarsaparilla acne treatmentLooking back at its history, it’s recorded that the indigenous tribes of Central and South America had used sarsaparilla for a long time as a tonic for good health and energy, for healthy joints and muscles and for the good health of skin.sarsaparilla acne treatment

Then this herb was registered as the official herb for that health purpose in the United States Dispensary and continued to become more popular among physicians and was used in many herbal preparations.

Sarsaparilla itself is full of nutrients like calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, resin, fatty acids, zinc, vitamins A, C and D and B vitamins (great for hair and skin). Well, looks like another good herbal ingredient to help acne treatment.

And how do you know it is a sarsaparilla?

What does it look like really…and my thanks for this short video to ‘The Herb Guy’

Acne Treatment Using Licorice Root

This herb looks to me like a Chinese herb as it has many common Chinese terms like Gan Cao, Kan-Tsao, Luo-Lao, Ling-Tung, Chinese licorice, sweet licorice and even Yasti Madhu – this particular herb unlike the others has varied kinds of names.acne treatment licorice root

As this herb is anti-inflammatory it helps ease infections like ulcers, fungal infections, yeast infections, sore throat, and some ailments like colds and flu, as well as to relieve heartburn and indigestion.

It has been used as a mild laxative for indigestion and to reduce stomach acid. Licorice being an antioxidant also protects the liver and promotes general good health.

And some ladies have used this herb to ease depression and symptoms of PMS (premenstrual syndrome) like tender breasts, being irritable and bloating.

Well, do you think this would be one of the effective herbal ingredients for acne treatment supplements?

Acne Treatment Using Atlantic Kelp

Kelp, is a large, leafy brown algae, is an excellent source of marine minerals like potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron and iodine. Atlantic kelp or kelp is also full of numerous good nutrients like vitamins and cell salts.atlantic kelp acne treatment

This marine or sea plant gets our excess body fluids out from clogging up our cells and dissolves fatty wastes through our skin, and replacing them instead with its nutrients like iodine and potassium.

Then one of its nutrients, vitamin K, helps maintain hormonal balance to maintain a more youthful body, youthful looking health and skin.

Kelp is popularly known and accepted to detoxify, retain balance to our hormones and general health and is called a ‘miraculous healing plant’. This plant mainly helps maintain our youth and overall great looking skin.

In a nutshell, looking at the qualities of the above herbal ingredients, looks like they can make ‘helpful’ ingredients for acne treatment process.


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