Acne Treatment Supplement To Treat Your Acne From The Inside Out

What is the definition of ‘herbal supplement?’

A dietary supplement is something you consume to supplement your daily diet. A dietary supplement can be taken by mouth in the form of a capsule, a tablet, a softgel, a gelcap, powder or liquid.

Dietary supplements may have ingredients and substances like vitamins, minerals, amino acids and herbs or botanicals.

So a herbal supplement is actually one kind of dietary supplement made from plants or botanicals.

acne treatment herbal supplements

Herbal supplements are also taken orally or by mouth.

These supplements are made from plants or parts of plants like the root, leaf, flower, fruit or seed that is thought to be therapeutic and to promote our overall or general health and vitality.

An herbal supplement may have just a single kind of herb or a mixture of different herbs.

Over the years, more and more research and studies have shown that dietary and herbal supplements have helped in treating some infections (like skin infections or burns), in preventing some diseases or illnesses and to promote overall health condition.

Here are some herbal supplements I would like to talk about…and I hope with this information, you can get to know and understand some acne treatment products’ ingredients a little bit better.

Dandelion For Acne Treatment

Dandelion is also known as the “free health food pharmacy’ because it grows easily everywhere. And guess what, the botanical name of this pretty wildflower is ‘the official remedy for disorders.’dandelion herb plant

Dandelion leaves and roots works well for healthy blood circulation, cardiac health and healthy cholesterol and blood pressure levels (which are already within normal levels).

Both dandelion roots and leaves are a valuable source of minerals especially potassium, vitamins A, C and D, as well B-vitamins.

This remarkable herb gives support for a healthy bladder, kidneys and overall urinary health. Dandelion also helps to keep your liver, blood, gallbladder and skin in tip top condition. To maintain your overall health in tip top condition, do add this wonderful herb to your daily supplement intake, which makes a great acne treatment ingredient in acne treatment supplements or products.

Burdock Root and Yellow Dock For Acne Treatment

I picked up this ‘burdock video’ by JoeandZackSurvival – what plant looks like, the good stuff of burdock, and how to eat this! Yummy??

Both these herbs work great together complimenting each other to maintain healthy blood.

Both work together to nourish and support our body’s own naturally clean blood supply and rids our blood and system of toxins and such elements that we may have inhaled (like secondary smoke, haze, etc) or even ingested like food additives, food colorings, etc.

This should be good then, for acne treatment 🙂burdock root yellow dock

Just by itself too, yellow dock can do wonders to the health of our skin.

This is because yellow dock helps to get the waste,toxins and all that bad stuff out of our system leaving our bodies with healthy livers, kidneys, colon, gallbladder, bowel, gastrointestinal and lymphatic systems – so this herb works fine for our digestive system too – another boost to acne treatment products.



digestive systemIt is vital that we keep our digestive, gastrointestinal system and blood clean as this in turn helps to maintain the good function and health of our kidneys, liver and overall immune system, which all works great for the condition of our skin too!



Echinacea Purpurea (EP)

Echinacea Purpurea, also known by many names such as Hedgehog, Coneflower or Purple Coneflower, Red Sunflower, Snake Root and Indian Head, comes from the Daisy family. In fact, its botanical name EP is used interchangeably with E. Angustifolia or E. Pallida.

In Europe or UK, where it is widely cultivated, is more popularly known as the ‘antibiotic plant.’ This herb plant can grow up to 2 feet , in sunny and open prairies, in rich and well-drained soil.

What I found out from reading this herb plant’s history is, it looks like this is a herb plant with many uses – it has been used for fever, snakebite, wounds, infections, burns, colds, flus and even toothaches. It also seems to be the most sought after natural remedy to support our immune system, respiratory system and healthy blood.echinacea flower

Then, Echinacea Purpurea has an antibiotic substance that supports our bodies natural defences. In fact, its long list of nutrients include vitamins B1, B2, B3 and C (and these are good for hair and skin too), iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, fatty acids, essential oils, alkamides, fructans and others.

Truly, it is known as nature’s best support for our overall immune system, our bodies natural resistance, the general health of our blood, our respiratory and bronchial system as well as for the health of our skin. It looks to me that this herb plant will continue to be much sought after and widely used for years to come!

Well, to summarise, I feel all these herbal ingredients above seem to work great when used in an acne treatment product or supplement.

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