Acne Treatment That Work With Lasers And Lights Are Expensive Methods

Lasers And Lights Used For Acne Treatment That Work

Here is a reminder, before we start any treatment, fix yourself an appointment with your dermatologist. A specialist will be better able to analyze, evaluate and advice you on what is best for your skin condition, as well as recommend the best acne treatment that work for you.

As not all light therapy are suitable or effective for all types of acne, get a specialist’s advice before doing anything and to know the options available for acne treatment that work best for your specific condition.

Acne Treatment That Work With Blue and Red Light Therapy

Blue light was the first light treatment that got US FDA approval to treat acne. To be specific, blue light treats pimples well or any form of mild-to-moderate inflammatory acne.

Although this is an approved acne treatment that work for mild-to-moderate acne, blue light therapy does not work on whiteheads, blackheads, nodules and acne cysts. acne treatment that work blue light

This therapy can be done at a cosmetic clinic or at home. This is usually done twice every day. This treatment uses a device that shines blue light at affected parts of the skin. You will sit with your affected skin in a straight line and exposed to the blue light for like 15-30 minutes each session.

Do this treatment and observe how your skin responds to treatment. Usually it takes about a month to see any significant results on your skin.

Blue light therapy is by far, the most recommended ‘light-acne treatment that work’ where a low density blue light is used to kill acne bacteria, to lessen the amount of bacteria in your skin that causes acne.

Eventhough this alternative is a recommended acne treatment that work, there are side effects – your skin becomes red and dry.

So in many cases, a red light is used at the same time with the blue light. This is to done because the red light helps to reduce swelling and your damaged skin can then heal more quickly. The technique is the same blue light and findings show that red light boosts adenosine triphosphate in your muscle tissues to help skin heal faster.

For a start, you should do this in a clinic with professional care and treatment. When you do see significant results and have gotten the hang of it, you may get the device and do this procedure at home. So this is an alternative acne treatment that work at home.

A note here: Although light therapy can be done at home, get your specialist’s or rather approval and advice first before attempting to do this ‘on your own’. For example, light therapy may worsen acne nodules instead of making it better. Even if this is an acne treatment that work on pimples, this does not apply to all ‘pimple condition’ and needs specialist evaluation. And there are side effects like dry and red skin.

Acne Treatment That Work Using Photopneumatic Therapy

This ‘acne therapy’ is a combination of Intensed Pulsed Light (IPL) laser with a gentle vacuum. This therapy removes excess sebum or skin’s natural oil and dead skin cells from our blocked pores. It can be used to treat whiteheads, blackheads and pustules but not acne nodules or acne cysts. For example, Isolaz (have you heard?) is also a treatment procedure based on photopheumatics – it combines light and air.

Picture this – a light or beam kills any bacteria in an affected area on your skin, while a vacuum gently sucks out any bacteria, dirt, dead skin cells, excess sebum and blackheads that are left in your pores. When this is done, you skin is deeply cleansed becoming healthier and clearer.

And the good news, this kind of acne treatment that work or therapy is totally pain-free and you get no allergic reaction on your skin.  Each session takes 15-30 minutes and more serious skin condition may take more than one session to fully fight the problem.

If you can afford to burn a huge hole in your wallet (can go to thousands), research shows that such treatment can give your skin impressive results. Many who opted to do this reported a significant improvement to their skin. This acne treatment that work, has high success rate and if you can afford it, and all else failed, this may be your answer.

But to be honest, there are also cases (small percentage) that did not work and needless to say, huge amount of money burned. So back to you – weigh your options and make your decision.

Acne Scaring Laser Treatments

What about acne scars? Any laser treatment for acne scars? Is laser an acne treatment that work?

Other than non-invasive laser treatment which aims at killing acne bacteria, there are other lasers for acne scarring – that is to remove the scar ‘quickly’. And for this, and depending on how severe or deep the scar is, there are basically 3 types of lasers namely:

CO2 laser – this is the main laser to remove acne scars

Pulse Dye Laser – this is to remove deep acne scars

Er YAG laser – this is used for mild to moderate cases

This starts by your skin being cleansed and you may be given local anesthetic because this treatment can be painful. This needs to be on your skin for like 30 minutes and then removed. Then your eyes must be covered with some eye wear to protect your eyes from the laser light. Even your doctor needs to wear safety eye wear.

Then the laser hand piece will go over the affected areas on your skin. This laser works by penetrating the top layer of your skin with a pulse of intense light. This laser light stimulates collagen and skin cell renewal to tighten your skin. This process makes your damaged or older layer of skin removed so healthy or new layers surfaces.

This laser-acne treatment that work, can take anything from minutes to an hour or several sessions. It all depends on the severity and size of the affected area of your skin. And although you may feel a little uncomfortable or discomfort, the laser’s cooling technology can help to lessen this feeling.

And what are the side effects of acne treatment that work with lasers?

The side effects or rather risks to weigh is all these procedures cause hyper pigmentation – like dark spots appearing on your skin and to prevent this happening, you need to stay away from the sun for minimum 48 hours. These dark areas will peel away leaving normal skin.

A high percentage reported seeing good results within a couple of days. But there were also side effects like swelling, redness and blisters around the areas that were treated. This can last for like 2 to 4 days and then your skin lightly peels.

And by the way, this laser treatment hurts. So local anesthetic is needed around the areas to be treated. And to help make it more bearable, multiple’ bit by bit’ treatments are done. So depending on how severe your scars are and how deep they are, many sessions may be needed to complete your treatment – may take months.

Although this is very likely an ance treatment that work, it can be costly, like in the United States, just 5 sessions can go all the way up to $4,000!

General Costs For These Acne Treatment That Work

The main minus point for laser acne treatment is what it can cost you. As a general picture, laser acne treatment can cost from $300 – $500. Photodynamic therapy for example can cost like $1,500 to $3,000 and CO2 laser resurfacing can go up to a whopping $4,000.

These acne treatments that work will definitely burn a huge hole in your wallet.

Still, if you have tried all sorts of acne treatment, from home remedies, natural remedies to over the counter medications and even took supplements yet all failed – then try light or laser therapy. Remember, consult your specialist before doing anything.

And if you feel this is relevant, these acne treatments that work  are mostly not insured. Therefore do some homework if this is relevant to you.

Those are some examples of light and laser acne treatment. There are others in the market with different names though along the same lines when it comes to the process and technology or how the treatment device works. The thing most common for light and laser therapy is it can cost you a bomb. Be ready to pay through your nose if you decide to resort to light or laser acne treatments that work.

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