Best Acne Treatment Ingredient Aloe Vera

Best Acne Treatment Ingredient Called Aloe Vera

Is aloe vera the best acne treatment ingredient to be use topically and orally? Let us get to know aloe vera a bit more.

aloe vera best acne treatment

Aloe vera Linne or aloe barbadensis Miller comes from the Aloe family of about 400 species. Aloe is a tropical plant hence, it grows very well in the hot and dry tropical climates in Asia, Africa and many other tropical places.

It is amazing because according to research, the traditional uses and popularity of aloe vera goes back a long time.

This amazing plant has been used as traditional medicine in Trinidad and Tobago, among Mexican Americans, among the Chinese and is increasingly popular in the Western society (it is reported to be the most popularly used herb in the United Kingdom).

Have you also read that aloe vera is also known as an ancient Egyptian herb of the past and there are writings saying Cleopatra Queen of Egypt used Aloe Vera herself to look beautiful!

So, looks like aloe vera would be make a wonderful ingredient of the best acne treatment systems or products 😀

Aloe vera plant is called a bitter herb. This is because this plant contains a bitter substance called anthraquinones that is the part just under the outer leaf.

How to make aloe vera gel and eat it there and then! Hope you learn something too…

The Benefits Of This Best Acne Treatment Ingredient

Aloe vera plant which is anti-microbial and antifungal – has been used extensively as traditional remedy for constipation, skin diseases, infections, frostbite, inflammation, dermatitis, psoriasis, burns, wounds, treatment of type 2 diabetes, treatment of fungal diseases and used in cosmetic, pharmaceutical as well as the food industry.

Clinical studies have shown that aloe vera helps people who are digestive disorders and constipation.

For example, when you drink aloe vera juice before meals your digestive juices are stimulated and ‘smoothly’ flows into your stomach and intestines. This fully breaks down what you eat so that your cells can better absorb the nutrients it needs to rebuild itself.

Aloe vera can also be used as an effective detoxifying system. So it gets rid of the toxins in our system which helps relieve constipation too.

However for any ‘cleansing program,’ our skin will usually ‘break out’ as the toxins try to get out through the tissues. So we may look pretty bad, at first. But stick with the program and we will soon see our skin clear up, leaving us with soft and radiant skin.

best acne treatment with aloe vera honey mixTherefore, aloe vera helps the stomach, liver and pancreas to work properly so we do not have ‘sluggish’ digestion, constipation and better overall health.

Poor digestion leads to premature aging, gum disease, fatigue, immunity imbalance, allergies and many skin problems – one of it being acne.

In a nutshell, to have optimum health and beauty, we must have optimum digestion.

Clinical studies have shown that acne is greatly affected by digestion, our overall health, what we eat and how we live – for example seriously lack of sleep, stress and smoking is bad for our health and skin.

Yet, although there are some promising results of the widespread and extensive use of aloe vera and its ‘overall health and dermatologic benefits’, this plant is in the continuous process of clinical investigation.

And while more clinical studies are being done, society at large continues to use this wonderful plant for health and therapeutic purposes orally or as topical application. For example, we can drink aloe vera juice, take aloe vera supplements or use aloe vera in skin and hair care products like creams, soaps, shampoos, gels, lotions, moisturizers and as lip balms.

And guess what I found out about aloe vera? The funny part is – in many cases, it has been reported that general practitioners themselves, seem to know less than their patients or consumers about the goodness and ‘magic’ of the aloe vera plant!

Now I cannot help but wonder if this case is true with other best acne treatment dietary or herbal supplements?

My experience with this best acne treatment ingredient…

From what I see, aloe vera is more commonly used than the other herbs (maybe except turmeric) I have talked about here. I mean, I see aloe vera juice being sold in many stores and organic shops.

best acne treatment using aloe vera gel

I see creams, gels, shampoos etc. with aloe vera in them and in fact my mum plants this in her garden! In fact, a survey shows that 50% of the people surveyed in US and who uses herbs, use or consume aloe vera.

And by the way, this best acne treatment plant is fairly easy to plant and take care of…

From my experience, I recall my mum had even cut off a few ‘stems’ of aloe vera from her garden to apply on my skin – I had pretty bad eczema during my teens – and this was WAY back because I am now 40! And yes, the aloe vera gel (the transparent part) worked nicely to relieve my skin from redness, itchiness and irritation.

Although it was not my best acne treatment plant or remedy (because I did not have acne) – it definitely relieved my eczema condition.

I also recall at that time, my mum brought me to see like 3 skin specialists. All of them had not mentioned this aloe vera plant to my mum and I or that it may help to relieve my eczema. In fact, it was my mum’s friend who told her about the goodness of this plant to help relieve skin inflammation and suggested she gave it a try. Since we already had this growing in the garden, my mum thought…why not? Well, good thing she tried it on my skin!

So I hope this information has been helpful and gives you a clearer picture of aloe vera and what it can do for our health and skin. Last but not least, do get advice from your doctor before taking any supplement or medication (same applies to even the best acne treatment systems or products). Also, it is important to read the labels and instructions given on the bottles.

And many skin care, body care, overall health care and some best acne treatment systems or products have aloe vera as one of their ingredient.

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