About Cyndi-Mae

I am a 40+ year old mum with 2 kids.

Before doing this acne treatment review site, I must admit, I did not ‘really get the picture’ what acne sufferers are going through every day of their lives – how agonising, how inconvenient, how life-disrupting, how painful inside out, how tiring, how embarrasing, angry, insecure…they are feeling.

Listening to them, makes my work (with them) on this site meaningful

This actually started, when our little group did research and realized there are tons of acne treatment stuff on the Net and in the market.

How do we choose?

So a kind friend helped to set up this site, and we started ‘building’ the rest…to help acne sufferers cut through lots of crap out there, to make informed decisions and get to what works.

Acne treatment…does not treat ‘just a skin problem’

When I get a pimple break out, say even just like 5-7 medium sized pimples on my face, it bothers me. It can suck if I need to go on a special dinner. If I get pimples on the tip of my nose, heck, I feel like Rudolph the red-nose reindeer!

And yep, I would pop them all, one by one. Squeeze the yucky yellow stuff out of my pimples.

By now I’ve been told I should not squeeze my pimples! Because it bothers me. It makes me self conscious. I would cover this up with make up if I had to say, go for a job interview.

Well, it’s a lot more pain for acne sufferers.

The right acne treatment – treats much more than ‘just acne’ or ‘a skin problem’. It can give you your life back.

In some cases, acne had led to depression and some acne sufferers had imagined ending their lives. Some lost their dream careers. Acne can also ruin relationships. Acne can mess up your life…

It can get really tough for acne sufferers.

It is a physical and an emotional pain, day and night – in private and ‘for others to see’ (acne on faces).

The acne treatment that works will rid acne and ‘give a normal life back’ to the acne sufferer. It’s facing the world with confidence. It could be about getting that dream job. It could be so much more…

Do you have any idea…how much time and money is spent every day to take extra care of their skin?

I take time every day taking care of my ‘normal skin’ and keeping pimples away…so what more with acne or acne skin  🙁

What about burning more money and making trip after trip to see dermatologists and skin specialists? And no money back guarantees!

I hear this…

“if this ugly thing is not on my face, even if it matters, it may not matter as much!” and “I look online, off-line and whatever line I can find to see how I can get rid of my ugliness once and for all…”

That kept me going on with my work here…

Ever since I started this, I’ve been learning tons…and I mean TONS.

Learning from users, acne sufferers, online and off line acne and acne treatment resources and talking to dermatologists, skin specialists and general pharmacists. All that helps with my ongoing research and work.

It has been a great and meaningful learning experience, and still going on…as I listen.

Acne Treatment Solution – How To Choose, Really?

acne treatment review how to choose

Is there one acne fix for all skin? One acne treatment for all acne sufferers? Nope.

Before getting an acne fix, how well do you know your skin and how your body is functioning inside, how healthy are you? What every day lifestyle habits do you have? What goes into your body at every meal? Maybe it’s generic? Are you under extreme stress – hormones ‘going crazy’? Allergic to any substance? How strong or weak medicated, natural or combined acne treatment can your skin tolerate or is effective enough for your unique skin? Have you consulted any doctor, dermatologist and herbalist? Have you taken any skin patch test or allergy test?

It could be all of that!

It is frustrating because acne is a complicated skin problem  🙁

Yet the most common skin problem

Looking at dozens and dozens of sites, forums, reviews, etc.  if this ‘acne fix’ works for A, is it sure or guaranteed to work for B or C? Or if this ‘acne fix’ does not work for A, can it be sure or guaranteed it will not work for B and C? 

Honestly, It depends and It depends…on MANY factors

Do you know how much skin specialists and dermatologists charge? Have any of you got any guarantees or money-back guarantees? Nope.

And as consumers, acne treatment reviews and comments can be helpful guidelines, but you need to do your own ‘homework’ too and seek your doctor’s advice before starting any acne treatment, or when you feel something is not right about your skin’s reaction.

Then while you are ‘on treatment’ you need to commit to be consistent in caring for your skin, making healthy choices and living right and healthy every day!

Acne Treatment Ingredients

Knowing what is in your acne treatment – gives a good ‘head start’.

Still, before starting any treatment or medication, you need to see a doctor, dermatologist or skin specialist. And it’ll be good to do a skin test. Apply the acne treatment stuff on the inner elbow skin. See what happens after 8-10 hours. Any allergic reaction?

Ingredients are usually on product labels. So this can also help you ‘prepare yourself’ and you can talk this over with your doctor and test for allergies.

Detoxification – Some products function to detoxify your system (on the inside). So it would help to know before hand what to expect. Based on clinical studies, skin usually breaks out because the toxins and bacteria are disrupted and want to escape via our tissues. And then our skin should gradually clear. But a second breakout can also happen there after, as more toxins are expelled. This can take 2 months or even 3 months for some cases, before clear and radiant skin happens.

We talked to a few dermatologists, skin specialists and general pharmacists who gave their opinions and advice. We found one common thing – healthy and great skin is about how we take care of ourselves inside out, every day.

Acne treatment (natural or medicated or mixed) is one thing. Healthy choices especially diet matters very much too – for long lasting results.

There is no real cure for acne problem but acne can be controlled.

After you do all the ‘healing work’ of ridding and killing acne bacteria and keeping these bacteria ‘under control’, you need to  be consistent with your daily skin care routine and greatly complimenting ‘that’ with a healthy and proper diet and lifestyle.

What I rate at the top will be acne treatment that work internally and externally (complete) and I feel the more natural ingredients, the better. Then I work down to more on the ‘chemical’ based acne treatments.

I feel to be safe (and looking at users’ reviews) it’s best to go for more natural ingredients based first, than more ‘chemical’ based. And something that is complete (inside out). Followed by something that treats only externally – because in fact, acne is also an internal problem. This can be generic too.

And for acne info, tips, news etc. read my News & Research stuff.

Although this site has taken a lot of the guess work away, you are still reminded to do your own research and homework.

Meantime, this site will help you make informed decisions, cut through all the BS and get to the acne treatment system that works for you.


To acne free and clear skin…Cyndi-Mae Wong

P.S. Remember, I would love to hear from you too (let’s share and learn together) and feel free to ask me any questions OK!  🙂


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