Exposed Skin Care Probiotic Supplement With Black Walnut

Exposed Skin Care Supplement Ingredient

This black walnut ingredient in the Exposed Skin Care supplement has been around since the Iron Age, in Europe.

Can you imagine casting away a witch’s spell with walnuts? Yep, that was what the people who lived in the Middle Ages thought. Walnuts were thought to get rid of witchcraft and epileptic fits.

The black walnut tree is a ‘flower tree’ that belongs to the hickory family. You can find this tree in North America – in Canada, the United States and some parts of Europe.

The nut can be eaten. Then the wood of the black walnut tree is hailed for its exquisite beauty and strength. The wood is used to make fine furniture, quality flooring, coffins and gunstocks. The black walnut tree’s dark, solid wood is fine wood.

Exposed Skin Care with black walnut is good for skin?

exposed skin careBlack walnuts have been used to relieve skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, warts and skin affected with parasitic conditions, as well as skin infections like ringworm and athlete’s foot.

It is very effective for killing parasites. It is believed that black walnut kills more than a hundred kinds of parasites.

This single ingredient killing over a hundred parasites – obviously makes a great ingredient to fight skin infections.
For example, if you get poison oak rash on your skin, black walnut could be your rescuer.

Caution though, as The Physician’s Desktop Reference advises against repeatedly applying this to the skin as it could cause skin tumor.

This reminds me of this saying that taking too much of a good thing, can cause harm.

This nut also has antifungal and antioxidant qualities. When it comes to skin care and skin treatment, it is used in lotions and creams as external application on the skin.

Black walnut hulls is said to be an effective skin wash, for example to relieve ringworm and yeast infections.

And if you take black walnut hulls orally, this is believed to help with intestinal worms or parasites. On top of that, if you need something gentle to cleanse your system, black walnut hulls may help too.

Cleansing your inner system is a way to rid acne inside-out, and black walnut in the Exposed Skin Care supplement, gently helps with this process.

It makes good sense that using black walnut as an ingredient in an acne treatment solution or product, such as Exposed Skin Care supplement, would help in treating inflammation and acne.

As you read on, here’s a little informational video about how black walnut can be good for you. Black walnut is especially effective to detox your system – great natural way to help acne heal and keep health and skin healthy

Used as Dye

People also used black walnut to color their hair (cover gray hair), to dye their fabrics and clothes (stain cannot be easily removed), as well as to color their skin (not permanent). We can still find black walnut used in natural hair dyes. It is even used to make tinted wood stains.

Black Walnut in Food and Beverages

Exposed Skin Care uses black walnut as a supplement ingredient – this means this supplement is taken orally or by mouth.

How else can black walnut be consumed?

Black walnut is a kind of nut. Hence, the black walnut extract can be used to give a fragrant and nutty taste to cakes, cookies, ice cream, coffee, spreads, sauces, salads and whatever you like to add this into if you like the taste of black walnuts.

Another little caution here – if you are allergic to nuts, please avoid this is your diet and you should avoid using this on your skin too. Otherwise, if you really want to try this on your skin, do a skin test. Apply some on the inner part of your elbow or on your wrist. Leave on for 5-8 hours and see if there is any skin reaction.

Yes, for those of you who are allergic to nuts, this Exposed Skin Care supplement may not be for you.

Other than Exposed Skin Care supplement, we can find black walnut in…

As a nutritional food or supplement, we can buy black walnut extract at the usual health food outlets in liquid form and in powder form as capsules. The parts of the black walnut that are known to be used in traditional remedies are the leaves, nuts, hulls and the inner bark.

On the other hand, when you look up – it states that no human research has supported using the black walnut as an herbal remedy or treatment.

If you intend to use black walnut as an herbal remedy, do remember that this is a powerful traditional remedy. Hence, before taking your Exposed Skin Care supplement, please see your doctor.

On the bright side, if all is well, you are not allergic to nuts and your doctor gives you a green light – Exposed Skin Care acne treatment kit with this powerful traditional remedy in its probiotic supplement is worth a go 😀

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