Get Clear Skin – Kelp Heals, Restores & Keeps Your Skin Radiant

Get Clear Skin With Kelp

Did you know that your skin is the largest organ in your body? There are 3 things that can reflect how healthy we are on the inside – our hair, our nails and our skin. We will look at ingredients found in kelp. These ingredients not only function to get clear skin, but also to keep us healthy inside-out, to heal, restore and keep your skin looking youthful and radiant on the outside.

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Kelp or commonly called seaweed by some people, is one of Mother Nature’s dark green, leafy, greatest gifts that we can find in the ocean deep.

How does kelp help us get clear skin?

Let us look at a list of ingredients in kelp that help you get clear skin, on top of that, keeps your overall youthfulness and vitality.


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  • maintains overal youthfulness (softness) of your largest organ, your skin
  • the answer to the healthy shine in your hair, to strong nails and radiant, youthful skin


Collagen is vital for the health of your skin. Youthful skin means that the skin is abundant in collagen and elastin fibres that keep your skin well moisturized, supple and firm – such as baby’s and little children’s skin.

But as we age, collagen decreases and we notice our skin becoming wrinkled and saggy.

That said, one mineral is needed to make collagen. This mineral is silicon.

Collagen needs silicon in order to work to maintain your skin’s elasticity, suppleness and youthfulness, as well as to aid the skin’s healing process. So collagen together with silicon is vital to heal and get clear skin. Then they go on to prevent premature aging.

If your body has the amount of silicon it needs, then collagen can work like ‘glue’ that keeps your largest organ in one radiant, healthy, youthful looking piece. This will also show in your hair and nails.

There are lots more to the goodness of kelp…

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  • kelp has more than 60 vitamins and minerals and elements like silicon, iodine, iron, calcium, sodium, potassium, phosphorus, zinc, manganese, selenium, zinc, oxygen, some B vitamins, vitamins A,C,E, biotin, folic acid, carotene, riboflavin, alginates, amino acids, enzymes, and many more as well as acts as a natural preservative
  • kelp absorbs toxins (before all this bad stuff is absorbed into your body), fights bacteria and viruses, expels all the ‘bad stuff’ from your system. This prevents a sluggish digestive system and helps treat constipation, which boosts your overall immunity, keeps your kidney and liver functioning in tip top condition and cleans your blood. This works great to fight acne from within.
  • kelp’s high amount of iodine keeps your thyroid working effectively to boost your metabolism and vitality (good for those who want to lose weight too). When your body lacks iodine, there may be a swell in your neck because the thyroid gland has malfunctioned. Kelp can help reduce this swelling. That said, this is good for those who lack iodine. Too much of iodine can disrupt normal thyroid function.
  • you can find kelp or seaweed all over Japan. It is very much of their every day diet. In fact, I do notice that Japanese people on get clear skin naturallythe whole look radiant, healthy and youthful. Studies on kelp have been done in Japan and kelp is believed to help reduce the risks of malignant cells and fibrocystic breasts (also relates to breast cancer which is an estrogen-dependent disease).
  • kelp is amazing to get clear skin, as mentioned above. It is needed for collagen to work its wonders to keep you healthy overall, keep you looking youthful, keep your skin well moisturized and help to speed up healing of your skin (like burns and cuts).
  • as we can see the glowing health, vitality and youthfulness of the Japanese (men and women) whose daily diet is full of kelp and seaweed. Having this as part of your supplement will definitely help to treat acne inside-out.
  • same goes for those of us who want healthy hair and nails – this supplement in your daily diet can help prevent dull and brittle nails, dull and dry hair, as well as help prevent hair loss – the natural way.


Kelp comes in many forms to help you get clear skin

Kelp can be taken in liquid form, tablet form, powder form, in dried form or made into tea. It can also be found in food and drinks madeget clear skin from seaweed like soups, sauces, rice rolls, noodles, salads, porridge, for ‘onigiri’ (rice wrapped in seaweed in a triangular shape) and for any kind of cooking that calls for dark, leafy greens (other than the dark, green leafy vegetables we usually use).

The Japanese are the largest population to use and consume kelp and seaweed. The general Asian population consumes lots of kelp and seaweed too.

In fact, looking at the list of benefits up there, this one ingredient itself, gives you a whole whack of minerals, vitamins and nutrients your body needs.

And talking about skin, when we look at the Japanese men and women, most have healthy, youthful looking skin.

clearpores reviewTherefore, it really makes good sense to supplement your diet with kelp. To get clear skin, it would help to have kelp as an ingredient in your acne treatment solution or system.

We helped you looked around…and one of the ingredients in ClearPores acne treatment supplement is Atlantic Kelp.

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It is best to consult your doctor before taking any supplement or starting any treatment whatsoever, including kelp. Please consult your doctor or medical practitioner about the dosage and side effects and if it is suitable for you.

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