Get Rid Of Acne Using Simple, Natural, Cheap, Easy To Get Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel To Get Rid Of Acne

When I first thought of writing about witch hazel, I thought of writing maybe just a couple of short paragraphs – but the information and comments I found are numerous and many are very happy with using witch hazel as a natural remedy for getting rid of pesky flies to soothing and treating skin irritations and problems!…and also to help get rid of acne.

And I do agree with them that this simple, easy-to-find and ‘dirt cheap’ magic potion should be kept in our medicine and kitchen cabinets, as well as maybe plant witch hazel in our gardens or back yards. Here is a ‘whole write up’ about ‘what is witch hazel’ and its many uses for our daily living and how it helps get rid of acne.

What is Witch Hazel

Witch hazel is a plant with especially unique beautiful flowers most often planted to be an ornamental plant (for decorative, display or landscape purposes). Witch hazel is a popular decorative plant because of its clusters of rich yellow to orange-red flowers. get rid of acne witch hazel

Witch hazel comes from the Hamamelidaceae family and it has species in North America, Japan and China. The botanical name is Hamamelis Virginiana.

The parts of this plant used as astringent and for medicinal uses are the bark and leaves – what you may see in lotions for example, labeled as witch hazel extract. Extracts from witch hazel bark and leaves are used for treating insect bites, bruises and is also an active ingredient used in hemorrhoid medications. It is even commonly used to treat postnatal tearing of the perineum.

As for skin problems, witch hazel extract’s anti-inflammatory qualities help relieve skin problems caused by inflammation. Witch hazel extract is used in skin care and skin treatment products for cleansing skin and to help heal or get rid of acne, psoriasis as well as eczema. And sometimes I see this ingredient in the regular eye drops I get from a pharmacy.

It is one of the cheapest (only about $2-$3 in drugstores) and most common and easy-to-get natural ingredient that anyone should have in their medicine cabinet or maybe carry some around in a little pump bottle. Put this in your purse too since witch hazel has many practical uses. Witch hazel is very handy as an emergency item to pack along for your camping and outdoor trips. And also handy to use during the day to help get rid of acne.

Witch Hazel To Get Rid Of Acne and Other Uses

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    • When your skin feels itchy from anything like chicken pox to insect bites to sunburn, just moist or soak a cotton ball, a small piece of cloth or your (clean) hanky with witch hazel and rub this onto where your skin itches – because it works wonders to relieve itchy skin.
    • Those of you with tattoos…have you all seen tattoo artists clean your brand new tattoo with witch hazel? They say it is because witch hazel ‘cleans away’ germs and bacteria and so it works great on wounds, cuts, etc.
    • Get Rid Of Acne – Witch hazel is an effective, gentle and 100% natural way to get rid of acne while not leaving your skin oily. Witch hazel effectively refreshes and gently removes oil from your skin without drying it up, and seals in the moisture. Then it tightens up your pores too, especially good for large pores. Just soak or dab a facial cotton pad in witch hazel and gently clean away the oil and dirt from your skin. Once you are done, your skin feels refreshed and you see it dewy and glowing. And they say you will smell great too!
    • On my late nights usually working on my site – for my eyes, I sometimes use slices of chilled cucumbers, sometimes warm tea bags and yes, sometimes good old witch hazel (cotton pads moist or soaked with witch hazel on my eyes). And yes, while witch hazel helps get rid of acne, it does an amazing job to reduce eye puffiness.
    • Then do you have witch hazel growing in your garden or back yard? Because if you do, you can conveniently soak some witch hazel leaves in a cup (I prefer a mug for this) of piping hot water. Steep for 10-15 minutes for flavor – timing depends on how strong you want the flavor to be. Then get a little strainer to strain the leaves. Now gargle your mouth and throat well with ‘the drink’. This is a magical remedy for relieving sore throats and infection.
    • Witch hazel for your baby’s bottom! Yes, it seems using a cotton pad to dab your baby’s bottom can relieve diaper rash.
    • Now to rid pesky flies – try filling up an open container up to about a quarter full with witch hazel. Leave this open container of witch hazel in the area infested with flies. In a couple of weeks, you should see this container full of floating dead flies!


Note: Witch hazel is used for topical (external) application on the skin. Never take witch hazel orally or by mouth. And as skin application, witch hazel can be applied up to twice per day – avoid using witch hazel to get rid of acne on your skin, more than 2 times per day. For this or any good thing, too much consumed or applied may cause more harm than good.

Well, there you go! A list of the good stuff you can do with simple and cheap witch hazel, and how to use it to get rid of acne. Do let me know how it all went with you (if you try any of these ideas) especially using witch hazel to shoo flies away!


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