How To Clear Your Acne Naturally Using Simple, Cheap Rice Flour Paste

How To Clear Your Acne Using Rice Flour

Instead of talking about how to clear your acne using just simple rice flour, I will show you some pictures I took. I want to say thanks to Jane, a nice, petite lady (fake name) who shared this and allowed me to take her pictures! But she says “just my forehead, ok.” Oh yes Jane, great. Thanks for sharing ‘how to clear your acne using rice flour paste’.

Now, these are ‘amature quality’ pictures OK. I shot them using my simple Nokia mobile phone (when Jane said “OK”, I immediately jumped at doing this!) – so my mobile was most handy during those times.

So here are the pictures of how to clear your acne using simple rice flour paste…


how to get clear face rice flour beads

Here are some rice flour beads. Jane keeps these in this small plastic container. These ‘rice beads’ can be bought from our local pharmacy drugstore. But I am really not sure where you can get yours. They are really cheap!


how to treat acne 2 rice beads

2) Before you start, make sure your hands are thoroughly clean. Then just get a couple of rice beads, put them in your palm. She needs just enough to show us how she does this. And just enough for a patch to be applied onto her forehead. For how to clear Your acne – take as many beads or rice flour you need for your skin ok.


how to treat acne rice paste

3) Now add a few drops of distilled water onto the beads. And press and mix. You get white rice flour paste. Alternatively, you can also add milk or plain yoghurt. And you can add a bit of turmeric powder, if you like. But be careful not to stain your clothes – to be safe, wear old stuff!


how to treat acne acne on forehead

4) OK, this picture is a bit ‘fuzzy’. The actual thing – her forehead has a reddish patch – blemishes and small pimples, up to her ‘forehead hairline’ – try imagining the patch 2 tones redder than this picture. So she will apply rice paste onto this reddish patch.


how to treat acne apply rice paste

5) Look, can you see she has applied the rice paste to the reddish patch of blemishes and small pimples? Just apply using your finger tips. Then let this paste dry. And you can do this before you sleep. So leave the paste on overnight.


how to treat acne acne less red

6) This is a picture I took the next day. When she wakes up, she just needs to rinse off with water. And you can see (again picture quite ‘fuzzy’) the patch is less red, and I could see the blemished dry up a bit. The little pimples are still there but I can see improvement – dried a bit. By the way, in case your skin feels dry when you use rice paste – apply some moisturizer first, before you apply the paste. Sometimes, she applies after she rinses or washes her face, the next day. She applies this every night until her skin clears or get much better.


how to clear your acne acne cleared up more

7) This is about 2 days after picture 6. OK, now you see the pimples cleared up more. The patch is much less red and ‘less shiny’. So she continues to apply this every night. And her skin gets better until the blemishes clears. And no reddish patch too. Redness, blemishes along her hairline has also cleared.


Alrighty!…hope those pictures and sharing from Jane gives you an idea of how to clear your acne using rice flour powder or paste.

The last picture is not the end ok. So Jane needs to apply rice flour paste so the little dried up pimples that are left, clears off. Like I said, for complete clearing, it takes time. But using natural stuff like rice flour paste, has no side effects really. But ya know…I am not sure if anyone could be allergic to this ingredient?

Now, the ‘how to clear your acne recipe’ you saw up there is a basic one to start off with – it is the simplest. Should you want to explore, you may add turmeric powder. Then instead of plain water, you may try fresh milk, goat’s milk, raw milk, yoghurt, maybe tea tree oil, etc. You can even make a cup of green tea, then add a little of your green tea in to make the paste. Monitor your skin. Do what works best for you – for how to clear Your acne.

Do you know for centuries, women especially have been using rice water to bathe in or to clean their faces with? In fact, my mum uses rice water not just for her skin but to water her plants – she says rice water is good for her and her plants 🙂

Doing this with Jane also brought back memories of my mum using rice water to bathe me and to clean my skin – as I had eczema on my body, hands and legs, when I was around 7 years old. I liked rice water on my skin – eased redness and itchiness. By the way, she also used aloe vera gel, straight from the plant in her garden. Eczema was a long stretch and finally cleared up during my mid-late twenties.

In a nutshell, rice flour/paste helps in how to clear your acne, helps give good complexion, heals naturally with no adverse side effects, helps reduce redness and inflammation, dries up your pimples, keeps skin smooth and rice water can be used for rinsing or cleaning your face. And this ingredient is dirt cheap too!

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