How To Get Clear Skin Overnight – If this is possible, how to do this?

How To Get Clear Skin Overnight…Can This Be ‘For Real’?

First of all, let us ‘get real’, is there really such a way of how to get clear skin overnight? How does this sound to you? If you are an acne sufferer, does this make sense to you? Can this be ‘for real’?

So again, how to get clear skin overnight…possible?

Maybe, we can say it depends on the acne condition of the skin? Like if it is just a little pimple or two, this can ‘be fixed’ overnight. Or maybe fixed in two nights? I can imagine this may be possible…for extremely mild acne. And because I have experienced many times before, having little pimples on my face drying up by day 2 or 3…

However, to be completely clear of acne overnight does not make ‘medical sense’ – unless it is just really a pimple or two. Although acne cannot be completely cleared overnight, I guess it is possible to ‘make skin look clearer’ or just better in a day or two.

For example, if you know you have a party, a special dinner, a special meeting coming up, you can kind of ‘prepare’ your skin for this special event or occasion – in advance.

So instead of how to get clear skin overnight, let us be more realistic and take a look rather at how to get clear skin (or rather, better looking skin than before) in like a week?

Here are some practical things you can try…

1) About a week before your special occasion, as far as possible, use the least make up or let your skin breathe well as far as possible. And even if you have to use make up or stuff like that, use good quality and acne skin friendly products like natural based, oil-free skin products. Keep away from anything you know or feel will aggravate your acne.

Rather, take good care of your skin every day with quality acne care and acne treatment products. Like if what you have been using has worked for you, stick to this routine and acne product or solution.

2) Watch your diet carefully. No matter how tempting, stick to the right or ‘safest’ diet and stay away from food – anything – that you know or feel may aggravate your acne skin. Drink lots of water, eat fruits and vegetables. Keep your insides ‘clean and healthy’. You really do not want to make it worse just before ‘your special date’.

3) I know this may be really tough but as far as possible, be positive, smile, be in a jolly, happy mood throughout your week! When you feel down at all, go chill out. Find something to relax you, to calm you down. Think funny thoughts – smile or laugh. Talk things out with someone you can trust. Go places that will chill you out. Do stuff that makes you happy. Keep your stress level to an all time LOW  🙂how to get clear skin smileys

Do not ‘disrupt’ your hormones by getting all stressed out and depressed. Not unless you want your acne to breakout more or get aggravated. This is one important tip on how to get clear skin.

4) Get enough ‘beauty sleep’ every day. Sleep regular hours and keep your skin well moisturized (if necessary and as needed) yet able to breathe well as you sleep. Keep your bed sheets and pillow covers clean. Use clean face towels.

Be conscious of where your hands are – keep them away from your face and keep them clean – especially when you do your face cleansing rituals.

5) As for acne treatment, some say use benzoyl peroxide to get ‘fast results’ – one way of how to get clear skin overnight. I would say that depends – on how your skin reacts to BP. This can work like magic for some (though not really overnight) but can be ‘a disaster’ for others.

Take precautions. You know your skin best. You know what works best for you. But if you are trying something new, I think it is better to go for natural stuff (safest). Or you can try a ‘gentler version’ of BP which is salicylic acid that works effectively yet is gentler on the skin.

6) Alternatively, you can try something like green tea powder, rice flour paste, tea tree oil, witch hazel and other natural stuff. These natural ingredients, unlike BP and salicylic acid, can be used more often (not just twice a day) if needed and with less worry that it will cause adverse effects or skin sensitivities.  But still, know that of you are allergic to certain ingredients, do not use it.

And if you are already using a certain acne treatment, formula or ingredient and know that it works, just stick to this. Better not try or test something new, just in case…

There really is no shortcut or ‘express acne cure or acne clearance’ or how to get clear skin – definitely not overnight. And if some stuff really clears your acne overnight, it most likely will cause adverse effects later on. Like in the case of BP, some have seen great and relatively fast results but then is shocked by adverse skin reactions or ‘backfire’ or ‘acne coming back with a vengeance’ the following weeks.

7) However, with good and ‘careful’ planning in advance (the more in advanced, the better I guess) and proper ‘all round care’, inside-out, you can have overall better looking skin and less redness. On that special occasion, with some light make up, you can look better.

8) Most importantly, in any case, letting your INNER amazing personality shine will definitely be magical for you – because ultimately, true loveliness and beauty come from within your heart. And you know what…no acne treatment can do this true magic for you  🙂

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  • Siena says:

    Thanks but I do you no how to get rid of freckles I have tried everything on YouTube but nothing works

    • Anonymous says:

      Have you tried lemon and vinegar? Many have found that with time, and used everyday, this works. But for some, it can get really itchy when it gets better. Rub fresh lemon juice with/out vinegar, massage gently on the area for 10-15 mins, then rinse. Twice daily. Let us know how this works for you.

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