How To Get Rid Of Acne By Applying Green Tea Such As Matcha Green Tea

How To Get Rid Of Acne – How To Apply Green Tea

In my other post about ‘Using Green Tea…’, I talked more about how consuming (drinking or as supplementing your diet) green tea is good for our general physical, mental and emotional health. Most importantly, I talked about how regularly having green tea in your diet is good for the health of your skin because in a way, it does help to treat inside-out, and this is how to get rid of acne.

Today, I want to share how applying green tea on the skin (topical or external application) can also help maintain beautiful skin or help in the process of healing problem skin like acne skin (or how to get rid of acne by using green tea).

However, do consult your doctor before using any of these recipes. In case you, like a couple of my friends, are wondering if these green tea recipes can ‘compliment’ your acne treatment solution, please get your doctor’s advice. You should also let your doctor or dermatologist know what treatment you are currently using or consuming. how to get rid of acne green tea

After you have consulted your doctor, here are 3 green-tea-ways or recipes that may help in your process of how to get rid of acne:

Fresh Sencha Leaves and How To Get Rid Of Acne

Things you will need are…

  • [list style=”bullet-green”]
    • 1 cup or 6-8 table spoons of fresh sencha green tea leaves
    • 3 cups of distilled or filtered water (or use bottled water) – ‘tea color’ should not be too diluted.
    • A small sauce pot with lid
    • Strainer or sieve
    • A glass bowl or bottle (you should need a funnel if using a bottle)
    • Cotton balls or cotton facial pads


Step 1 – Boil water in sauce pot

Step 2 – When water boils, turn off the heat or fire.

Step 3 – Immediately pour the sencha leaves into the pot of boiling hot water

Step 4 – Cover the pot with the lid, and let the tea steep for 20 minutes

Step 5 – Pour the tea (using a strainer to strain the leaves) into the bowl and let it cool

Step 6 – Pour some tea (using a funnel) into the bottle. This can be kept in your refrigerator for future use, and leave some (enough to dab your whole face with) to use on your face and affected areas on your skin.

Before you go to bed…

Step 7 – Using a cotton ball or facial pad, soak up some tea. Dab or wipe over your face and affected areas. Leave this on. Do not rinse.

Step 8 – Rinse your face as usual the next morning.

Note: In case you want to use during the day, it is fine too. After dabbing tea over your skin, just leave it on for 3-4 hours, as you feel comfortable. Then just rinse off.

Green Tea Bags for How To Get Rid Of Acne

You need: A mug or cup with cover, 2 green tea bags, 1 ½  tablespoons of witch hazel, boiling hot water and cotton balls or facial pads. Best to do this routine before you go to bed at night.

Step 1 – Put the 2 green tea bags into the cup or mug.

Step 2 – Boil some water. Pour hot boiling water into the cup or mug with the tea bags. Let tea steep for 5 minutes (depends how ‘thick’ you like the tea to be. It should not be thin)

Step 3 – Remove the tea bags.

Step 4 – Add 1 ½ tablespoon of witch hazel into the tea.

Step 5 – Dab or moist the cotton ball or facial pad with the tea and witch hazel mixture. Dab all over your face and other affected skin areas. Leave this on for the night.

Step 6 – Rinse your face as you normally do the next morning.

Note: Same as the recipe above, if you like, you may also do this routine during the day. Leave tea and witch hazel mixture on your skin for 3-4 hours, then rinse off.

Matcha Green Tea Powder – this may be the most effective for how to get rid of acne

You need: Bottled or distilled water (1 teaspoon), a small glass or ceramic bowl and matcha powder (1 teaspoon).

  • [list style=”bullet-green”]
    • This routine is best done at night too, before you sleep.
    • Make sure your hands are clean.
    • Start with 1 teaspoon of matcha powder in a small glass or ceramic bowl (this really depends on how much matcha paste you need for your face or skin).
    • Mix water into the powder – bit by bit – so that the mixture becomes just nice and pasty to ‘stick’ better on your skin. You may mix gently with your finger(s).
    • With the tip of your ‘pointer’ (index finger) apply matcha powder on the affected areas of your face or skin. The powder should be a thick paste when you apply.
    • Let your skin and the powder dry…while you sleep throughout the night.
    • And remember to cover your pillow with a piece of clean cloth or towel.
    • Rinse your face as usual the next morning.


There you have it!…some ways that help your process to get rid of acne 🙂

Help Note: The green tea application methods I explained above helps mostly with pimples and mild acne (according to feedback), as well as evens out the tone of your skin. Having said that, I guess it is OK to try on inflamed acne(papules, pustules). Give it 2-3 weeks to see if it works for how to get rid of acne.

In case you feel directly applying green tea dries your skin up too much (your skin should be moisturised), use very thinly or just consume (drink). But if you see adverse skin reaction or irritation like itchiness, redness or inflamed, stop applying this for how to get rid of acne and see your doctor.

Important: Green tea contains caffeine substance. In any case, before consuming or starting any application for how to get rid of acne, it is best to consult your doctor and take a skin patch test.


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