How To Make Acne Go Away By Using 4 Natural Simple Ingredients At Home

How To Make Acne Go Away Using 4 Natural Simple Ingredients

There are many natural and simple ways you can do at home on how to make acne go away. I would like to share with you 4 of these natural and simple ingredients that I think you can easily get from your local supermarket or grocery store – and they are cheap yet effective stuff you can use every day – something very handy for a start to how to make acne go away…

So here is how to make acne go away using strawberries, lemon juice, honey and extra virgin olive oil…


Do you know that when it comes to skin, yummy strawberries have something that can definitely help to make your acne go away? Yup, strawberries have a skin or rather acne-pleasing ingredient called alpha-hydroxy acid – and this is the all natural kind you can find in strawberries. how to make acne go away strawberry

Alpha-hydroxy acid works sort of like salicylic acid for how to make acne go away. So it effectively penetrates your skin to slough away dead skin cells so that ‘new’, younger looking skin ‘comes up’.

How do you do this? Easy! Just get a strawberry and slice it into half. Now, gently rub the ‘inner part with seeds and all’, of the berry directly onto your skin – especially the areas with acne and blemishes. Then leave this on for about 5 minutes. Lastly, just rinse with water and dry with a clean face towel. That is it! You can do this twice daily. And you should see softer, dewy and smoother looking skin.

Side note: This should not irritate your skin or cause adverse side effects. But in case you see skin irritations or your skin getting all flared up and red – stop using this home remedy for how to make acne go away.

Lemon Juice

There are many uses for cheap, easily available and simple lemon juice. The one way of using lemon juice I want to share here is using pure and natural lemon juice to heal blemishes.

Lemon juice has powerful disinfectant qualities (used a lot in fact, for cleaning in general) which can help fight acne causing bacteria (p.acnes). Citric acid or L-absorbic acid in lemons also help to deeply penetrate to effectively clean blocked pores and make them smaller. how to make acne go away lemon juice

In addition, lemon juice helps reduce redness to give your skin a soft, even and nice tone. And I also see this ingredient – L-absorbic acid – being used in many acne treatment systems and products. So I guess it should do the trick for how to make acne go away…

How is this done? Believe it or not, it is so simple! Just dab, pat or apply pure lemon juice on to the affected areas of your skin. Leave it for 5-10 minutes and rinse off with water.

You may start with maybe once or twice a day and see how your skin reacts. If all looks good, you can do this lemon juice-dabbing thing like 3 times daily. This will help give you smoother and clearer skin in weeks. Lemon juice is considered effective to help treat mild to moderate acne.

Side note: Lemon may make your skin sting for a bit – making your skin uncomfortable for a couple of days. But if you get skin irritations like your skin flaring up and becoming red, your skin may be sensitive to lemon juice. In this case, do not use this natural remedy for your acne or your skin.

Unprocessed, Raw Honey

Honey has been used since a long time ago for many healing purposes like to treat wounds, burns, scars, cuts and some skin infections. Honey naturally has strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities. These qualities logically make honey the natural remedy to help fight bacteria that causes acne. At the same time, honey is soothing and calming to your skin.

Remember though, not all kinds of honey should be used. What is the best kind of honey to be used on skin or acne skin? Well, the key here is to use the right kind of honey – especially for your acne skin. You need to use unprocessed, organic, raw honey – this is the best. how to make acne go away naturally honey

Any other honey that has been somehow or in some way processed (like those you get on the shelves in the stores), has lost those important qualities, especially for acne skin. To be dead honest, if you can, go get some straight from the bees hive!  🙂

Now, how to make acne go away using honey?

Again, easy! Just use honey like a facial mask. Mix a tablespoon of unprocessed and raw honey with a teaspoon of pure lemon juice – this mixture should be ‘thick enough’ and not ‘watery’ because it needs to be applied to and stay on your skin.

So with your clean fingers, apply all over your face. You may dab a bit more honey (without lemon juice) to acne or affected areas. Leave this on for 15-20 minutes. Then just rinse or wash off and towel dry – a very easy way on how to make acne go away, no?

Side note: Honey is great but honey may or may not work on all types of skin. So in case you happen to be allergic to honey or see skin irritations, stop using this honey remedy.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Will applying oil on my skin make my skin too oily and cause my acne to break out? Nope. Not if you are using extra virgin olive oil. In fact, extra virgin olive oil is packed with antioxidants that help repair and refresh ‘damaged’ skin like acne to make honey go away naturally olive oil

Here are some simple steps to applying extra virgin olive oil to your acne. Besides, extra virgin olive oil works great for moisturizing and cleansing your skin without blocking your pores. Really, extra virgin olive oil does not feel greasy or oily.

Things you will need are a small glass bowl, extra virgin olive oil, clean towels, a tub of hot water (to soak your face towel in) and a thin, soft cotton cloth (to wipe oil away from your skin):

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    • Put a tablespoon (up to you how much you need) of extra virgin olive oil in the small bowl
    • Wash your hands thoroughly.
    • Use your fingertips to gently apply (avoid getting the oil into your eyes) the oil to your face (especially areas that are affected). While doing this, gently massage the oil onto your skin in small circles – do this for a minute or two. Apply just enough of oil will do (not dripping or wet with oil). In this way, this oil also acts like a scrub to remove dirt from your skin.
    • Fill the tub with hot water. Soak in your face towel. Then squeeze the excess water away. Put this hot towel over your face to steam your face for a few minutes.
    • Now use the thin cotton cloth, rinse it and use it to gently wipe away, rinse or wash away the oil from your skin. Then wipe your face dry with a clean face towel. And you are done!


Side note: If you like, you may also add 3 drops of tea tree oil with your extra virgin olive oil. Then do the same steps as above. Tea tree oil is antimicrobial – which eases inflammation and help prevent future acne from breaking out.

Important Reminder

For all cases, remember to consult your doctor before using or starting any medication or treatment whatsoever. And it is best advice to take skin patch tests or go for allergy tests. Then you may try the above ways on how to make acne go away.


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