How To Treat Acne Using Green Tea To Relieve Acne From The Inside Out

Have You Ever Thought Of How To Treat Acne With Green Tea?

Many people like black tea – I do too and drink black tea like once or twice a week. how to treat acne green tea

Then have you heard of green tea or its varieties like ‘sencha’, ‘matcha’, etc? I love green tea and drink this almost every day, once a day. Sometimes I like it hot and sometimes I like it chilled or cold with 1 or 2 ice cubes. I find chilled or cold iced green tea very refreshing and it soothes my throat (like when I have a sore throat).

When it comes to drinking green tea, some people say, green tea is an ‘acquired taste’ so may take some time getting used to. Well, I had it ice cold the first time, and liked it. Maybe it is also because when it comes to food stuff I am adventurous 🙂 But no one mentioned about how to treat acne using green tea!

I remember when I was younger (like 20 years old!) I was invited to Japan for a two week home stay (my most memorable, personalized and meaningful trip ever) with a really warm and lovely family. I recall even during that time, I could get green tea in different varieties like all over Japan, from road side stalls, street stalls to restaurants and homes.

And I think there is something good about the Japanese daily diet – lots of green tea, seaweed, soy and fish – because I noticed most of them looked healthy with beautiful skin. But at that time, I had never thought of how to treat acne using green tea.

Research shows green tea has been around for a long time and consumed globally, and it actually comes from China. More currently, green tea is embraced as one of the wonder food, beverage, supplement etc. in the world and has been widely used in skin care and hair care products.

Green tea has been proven to be good for your skin, and more and more evidence is showing the health ‘wonders’ and ‘powers’ of green tea.

How To Treat Acne With Green Tea Antioxidants

[list style=”checkmark”]

  • Catechin
  • Gallaogatechin
  • Epicatechin
  • Epigallocatechin
  • Epicatechin gallate
  • Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG)
  • Note: EGCG is the most active catechin having the highest antioxidant activity and most of its benefits are linked to EGCG.


Matcha how to treat acne matcha powder

In fact the National Institutes of Health states that a study shows that ‘matcha’ contains 137 times more EGCG than other green teas. For your info, ‘matcha’ green tea is specially produced.

A tea connoisseur shared that ‘matcha’ tea is covered before it is picked. This is to keep the green color of the leaves. Then the leaves are ground using stones into fine powder. This tea is becoming more and more popular too, and yes, I sometimes drink this powdered-form-green tea too – for a change from leaves or bags.

Myricetin antioxidant flavonoid – This substance found also in green tea extract helps prevent normal skin cells from becoming into cancerous cells – in short, anti-cancer effect. However, more research is on going to validate this health ‘benefit’.

Quercetin – This other antioxidant flavonoid in green tea extract promotes healthy heart because it helps reduce blood pressure, cholesterol, risk of heart problems and certain types of cancer as well as help ease inflammation (I think this is why I feel green tea soothes my fever and sore throat).

To add on, it has been mentioned and researched again and again that antioxidants help destroy harmful free radicals so antioxidants are great for our body system inside-out, and especially too for skin – clear skin, problem skin, acne skin – because antioxidants reduce inflammation, an acne condition.

Research says a bag of green tea has zero calories. It has about 0.06mg of caffeine, 80-100mg of polyphenols, 25-30 mg of that is EGCGs. Green tea does not have carbs, fiber, sugar, protein, fats, alcohol, amino acids, vitamins or acids.

For your extra bit of info, green tea extract as a topical solution has been approved by FDA in treating genital warts.

Better Sleephow to treat acne green tea

Something in green tea extract called L-theanine has shown to give quality sleep (also reducing the occurrence of nightmares) so you are physically and mentally well rested. Hence you are less exhausted and can focus much better, mentally. I believe this helps to de-stress too, which is one of the factors that can make your hormones ‘go crazy’ which aggravates acne.

So you can have a cup of calming and soothing hot green tea before you go to sleep at night and wake up ready to sprint the next morning 🙂

How to make the drink – Just scoop a tablespoon of fresh green tea leaves (if you haven’t got fresh ones, dry tea leaves or teabag will do too) into your favorite cup or mug. Boil some water and pour into your mug, and steep the leaves for 10 minutes (depends on how you like it okay). I put a cover on my mug for this. Then I really sleep…like a baby! I hope this works for you too.


It is reported that green tea helps to burn the fat in your body. EGCG in green tea stimulates the production of noradrenaline and this helps to boost your body’s metabolism. A study done also showed that people who drank green tea extract experienced a boost in their 24-hour energy expenditure.

Liver Function – Detoxificationhow to treat acne green tea matcha drink

Caretenoids and chlorophyll, another 2 substances found in green tea that are antioxidants. They give your liver a high and ongoing supply of antioxidants which is needed to detoxify our bodies effectively. And you have read too, that detoxifying our inner systems works great to restore and heal us from within, to give us clear and radiant skin.                                                                              

Other Findings of the Goodness of Green Tea

It may help you to also know that medical facilities like and University of Maryland Medical Center notes that the powerful antioxidants in green tea extracts also may reduce inflammation for arthritis, chances of heart attacks, menopausal symptoms and maybe tooth decay.

It is further noted that green tea extracts lowers cholesterol (at the same time detoxifies), may help prevent certain kinds of cancer and stimulates our metabolism (can help lose weight).

While green tea extracts have been proven by research to be beneficial for skin, more research is on going to actually determine the studies or research’s more defined results.

And here is more…in traditional Chinese medicine, doctors do recommend green tea for headaches, general toxication, poor digestion and to improve immune system. All this do promote not just our health general, but also helps our skin to heal while cleaning us inside out – which is excellent for how to treat acne.

Looks like I am benefitting lots from drinking green tea almost every day and sometimes twice a day, hot or cold. Why not you try this nutritious tea too, for how to treat acne, give your overall health, and the health of your skin a positive boost 🙂

PS: Have you tried ‘real’ matcha ice-cream or matcha cake? These are bitterish and nutritious – looks like these pictures…

how to treat acne matcha icecream  how to treat acne matcha cake






Important Reminder: Although we can try using green tea for how to treat acne, green tea has caffeine too. Although this is a common substance many people consume (for example, I love coffee too) as always, it is best to see your doctor to check if you have any allergies or sensitivities to any substances or take a skin patch test.

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