Laser Acne Treatment Checklist – What Should I Ask My Skin Specialist

Laser Acne Treatment – Your Best Bet?

Acne – an endless nightmare for majority of teenagers and adults – is the most common and complicated skin problem that many wish they could get rid of fast and permanently. Many ways out there for us to try, to treat acne – Is light and laser acne treatment the best? For every acne sufferer?

Well, one thing is for sure – laser acne treatment is the one method that will burn a BIG hole in your wallet.

One thing to smile about though – light and laser acne treatment gives up to 80% of effectiveness in getting rid of acne and even acne scars. But just in case light and laser acne treatment fails you…NO money back guarantees okay.

For some acne sufferers, dealing with acne is about applying some face cream and voila! – It is ‘good-bye’ to acne.

Unfortunately, some are forced to cake up their faces with tons of make-up all in the bid of hiding the scars left behind by previous bouts of acne – or worse, yet a present case of acne.

So many thanks to technology you have light and laser acne treatment – a way to eliminate acne, keep your natural fair skin and get rid of acne scars.

Of course, as long as you can pay for this and pay for future follow up treatments because it is not ‘forever’. But if you then invest in something to treat acne from your inside or the root, this can help suppress acne – keep it under control and not break out. Then ‘other how you live every day factors’ and daily skin care are just as important.

What About Laser Acne Treatment

So is laser acne treatment as expensive as they say it is? How many types of treatments are there? And most important of all how safe is it? What questions can you think of asking your specialist before deciding on giving light and laser acne treatment a go?

laser acne treatment

Using monochromatic light to shrink oil glands and kill acne causing bacteria, laser acne treatment offers the fastest acne treatment for most acne sufferers. That being said, the success of the treatment really depends on the skill and experience of the specialist.

Other than this you also need to be aware of the different types of light and laser acne treatments available so that you are adequately informed to choose the right procedure for yourself.

What To Ask About Laser Acne Treatment

As I shared, I have had eczema right up to my early twenties. So during those years, I remember going in endless circles, with my mum, visiting one specialist after another. So these are some ‘notes’ I feel may help.

By the way, my mum is a meticulous (with details) lady and would ask the doctor and skin specialist tons of questions – and during her days (no laptop, Ipad, tablet) she took notes in Short Hand  🙂

Have a look through – maybe these are some questions you can ask your doctor or specialist when you see them. And I do feel it is better if you get this ‘questions checklist’ done on paper that you conveniently refer to and maybe take notes, during your appointment.

Helpful Tips:

  • [list style=”checkmark”]
    • During appointments – Check the price or get like ‘rough quotations’ or ball park figures for the whole process for different laser acne treatments. It helps to know in advanced so you can do your budgeting and then check if insurance can cover any costs. Then take notes and compare costs and all that.
    • Decide on anything ONLY when you know for sure or feel you are ready. It is completely OKAY to take all your info from all your appointments back home, sit down and look them through. Then decide. Of course, you will need to pay for all that consultation.
    • To save money and time on like transport – make calls to fix your appointments, check consultation fees, get addresses and directions, etc. Then plan your budget and time.


Questions Checklist:

  • [list style=”bullet-blue”]
    • What is acne? About acne? What causes acne? Symptoms of acne?
    • Any terms I do not understand? Like what is the difference between whiteheads and blackheads?
    • What exactly is my acne condition? Is it mild, moderate or severe? What is the difference between all these?
    • What is the most likely cause of my acne? Is it genetic, diet, stress, hormonal, bacteria infection, allergic reaction, excess sebum or skin natural oil, me rubbing my skin too hard, lask of sleep, depression, PMS, etc?
    • What is light and laser acne treatment? There are different types of light and laser acne treatments – what are they? How are they different? Is there some kind of reading material or points I can take home like a report or brochure? Or can I see pictures or visuals?
    • What are the different costs? What is the process like for each?
    • What will be most suitable for my acne or skin condition?
    • Are there any side effects? If yes, what are the side effects and can I ‘manage’ them? How? Any pictures or visuals I can look at? How long will these side effects last?
    • Is light and laser acne treatment painful at all? What about after treatment? How do I care for my skin every day? Any precautions I need to take after treatment?
    • How are the treatments carried out? In one single session or how many sessions? How long is each session?
    • How long will my results or healing last? When will be my next follow up session be? Will I need to come back regularly for checks? Follow up costs?
    • What are the pros and cons of light and laser treatment?


OKAY there you go! Looks pretty ‘meticulous’ but I do hope it helps in some way 😉

Remember though, at times too much info may even confuse you. That list is just a guideline. You do not have to ask every single question to every single specialist.

The important thing is to know the basics, the costs, the specialist’s experience (recommendations may help here). Then make your decision. Or if you feel you cannot decide, let your specialist decide for you. But it is good to know or have a rough picture of what is going to happen and how you can manage…

So, with all that, you need to come to a decision – draw a line on the sand. Is laser acne treatment what you need or want to turn your life around? Is this within your budget?

After spending a fortune on laser acne treatment – WHAT THEN?

IMPORTANT – Daily Skin Care & Acne Control Support

After getting rid of acne using laser acne treatment, you must have a complete inside-out system for your daily skin care – and most importantly, to control and suppress acne from future break outs.

Yes, a blend of quality natural based ingredients, complete and holistic system to…

  • [list style=”checkmark”]
    • On the Outside – Continue to care for your skin every day with daily rinsing / cleansing of your skin
    • On the Inside – Keep your insides clean and healthy, in ‘tip-top condition’ to suppress future flare up. Like taking your daily herbal supplements.
      laser acne treatment

      ClearPores Herbal Supplement


Something like ClearPores OR Zenmed acne treatment systems…


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