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More information about some of the ingredients used in Best Acne Treatment Solutions or Products…

Wild Thyme For Best Acne Treatment

Currently, I have been reading, wild thyme is said to be so good it can be used ‘to replace’ benzoyl peroxide, in some of the best acne treatment systems. Let us read more about this said-to-be-best acne treatment ingredient…
Thyme herb comes in many varieties. Wild thyme is also known as Mother of Thyme, Serpolet, Shepherd’s Thyme, Thymus Serpyllum or Garden Thyme.

Because thyme is antiseptic it was even used by ancient Romans and Greeks for treating infections and thyme oil was used as one the ingredients in cough syrups.

Before reading on, let’s take a look at why it is good to grow thyme in a pot 🙂

And this antifungal and antiseptic herb is also used widely in our time. It can be made into a tea used to ‘clean’ fungal infections on the nails, to ease sore throats or colds, to clear our respiratory system from congestion and inflammation (example like in cough syrups).

And if you do not drink the hot steaming ‘thyme tea’, the steam itself can help clear your airways when you have a cold.

What about skin care? Can our skin benefit from this herb whether on the inside or outside?

Well, when this herb is taken raw it is for your digestive system – it prevents too much gas in your system. As for wild thyme, because it has antiseptic and antioxidant qualities, it is often used in skin care products to clear the skin of blemishes to keep the skin radiant and youthful.

So this is also why thyme is used as an ingredient in some of the best acne treatment systems.

And how is thyme oil good for us? Thyme essential oil works great for aromatherapy.

When I am stressed out this essential oil lifts my moods and calms me. It may help relieve depression too. So you can chill out with thyme essential oil because too much stress can make our hormones go ‘crazy’ and cause acne flare ups.

However a note of caution: taking thyme oil orally (by mouth) can be nauseous and cause vomiting. Otherwise there are no other reported side effects.

Chamomile – used in some best acne treatment systems – also called ‘miracle worker’

Chamomile is an herb that comes from the Asteraceae family and is known as one, German chamomile and scented mayweed (M.chamomilla and Chamomilla recutita). Or known as Roman Camomile (Anthemis nobile).

best acne treatment chamomile

In general, chamomile flowers look like little daisies, with a yellow circle or disk in the center with little creamy white florets or petals. The parts used are the flowers or made into chamomile essential oil.

In a nutshell, chamomile which is anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and anti-allergic, is good for treating skin problems.

When it comes to your skin – this herb is known as ‘a miracle worker’.

Chamomile calms red, dry and irritated skin, allergies, eczema, psoriasis all many other flaky skin problems, while helps with healing and growing tissues – helps treat skin on the outside, making it one of the best acne treatment ingredient.

Chamomile also helps with our digestive and bowel system, flatulence or bloating, cramps, coughs, colds and helps relieve anxiety and stress. It helps to stimulate our liver and gall bladder to improve digestion and even help to relieve menstrual problems.

Being a calming agent, this helps maintain balance in our hormones – helps treat skin on the inside – another quality of a best acne treatment ingredient.

So yes, chamomile will be good to help in treating skin problems inside-out (beneficial quality for best acne treatment)

And this is interesting – chamomile even helps soothe and clam hyperactivity and temper tantrums in children. Chamomile tea can help soothe nerves and make you sleep better.


Sage is a herb from the family called Lamiaceae and its botanical name is Salvia Officinalis. Sage is also called true sage, common sage, garden sage and meadow sage.

It is a shrub plant with pale green leaves and cone-like clustered blue-purplish purple flowers. The parts that are used are the flowers and this herb can also be used as essential oil.

sage for best acne treatment

For our internal system, sage can be used to help with indigestion and bloating or flatulence while helping to boost liver function. Other than this, it actually relieves menopausal problems.

Externally for our skin in particular – sage’s antimicrobial and antiviral qualities helps regulate sebum production of our scalp to fight greasy and oily scalp and hair. And these same qualities can help to treat skin problems such as acne (as acne is caused by excessive sebum).

Otherwise as sage essential oil, when used in small amount, can ease fatigue and tiredness and ease depression. Again, when we are in a better mood and feeling happy and relaxed, so will our hormones be ‘level headed’ so as not to ‘stir up’ acne.

On the whole here, looks like these herbs make great ingredients for not just helping to treat problem skin but the overall health and hormonal balance of our skin – which is also great for sensitive, acne or acne prone skin – and used in the best acne treatment systems.

More best acne treatment ingredients to come!…


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