Exposed Skin Care Review


Exposed Skin Care Review

exposed skin care review

Price: $94.95

Let your body and skin feel, while you see the 'clear' difference in 30 days, guaranteed. Feel and see the powerful harmony of science and nature work to give you acne free, clear and radiant skin. Or your money back within ONE year guaranteed. Any risk in trying?

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Exposed Skin Care Review

Many say Exposed Skin Care acne treatment treats acne from the outside only. True? Nope. And here’s why…

Exposed Skin Care ingredients are made of science + nature.

The Exposed Skin Care most popular 6-piece kit system fight acne on the outside.

Is there something to fight acne on the inside? Yes, if you look up the site – Exposed has a Probiotic Complex supplement sold separately for $34.95 🙂

The whole 9 piece complete kit is $94.95
exposed skin care review ingredients

It has been said many times…

What clinical studies and researches tell me, what I have been told by dermatologists + general pharmacists, what I have researched from online and off-line resources – when it comes to healing skin or keeping skin healthy and radiant – the common reply I get is – it comes from within first, while treating and caring for the outside.

In most cases, and if you too feel it is better to fight acne inside-outside, DO top up this kit with Exposed Skin Care Probiotic Complex supplement!

exposed skin care acne treatment

exposed acne treatment








Due to more positive and supportive feedback from users, we push Exposed Skin Care acne treatment up. As the kit does not come with the probiotic supplement, most users assumed there’s nothing for the inside. Knowing that there’s a probiotic supplement, is great and makes a difference.

The Exposed Skin Care supplement has ingredients like vitamin A, vitamin E, zinc, biotin, copper, chromium, Exposed Skin Care science naturelactospore, black walnut and fructooligosaccharides. Other ingredients include Jerusalem Artichoke Extract and Magnesium Stearate.

The label clearly states the amount of the ingredients.

Just so you know…

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  • Vitamin A is also known as ‘Acne Vitamin’.
  • The vitamin that goes well with this is Vitamin E. Since vitamin A could make the skin too dry, a good moisturizer and vitamin E helps keep skin moist. This ‘balances out’ the dryness and skin healing effect (reduces scarring)
  • Black walnut is an infection buster. It can kill more than 100 parasites – a great ingredient to fight skin infections.
  • Lactospore is a superior probiotic, which is room-temperature stable and does not require refrigeration


Another point that made me sat up is Exposed Skin Care double guarantee.

Exposed Skin Care Guarantee Terms and Guarantee Badge is also on its packaging (at the back).

Just to be sure, we searched all over. We could not find another brand with a solid guarantee – 30 days clear skin guaranteed, plus, an absolutely risk free ONE YEAR money back guarantee.

exposed skin care double guarantee

By any chance…do you happen to know any that gives same guarantee?

We have checked, and the Exposed Skin Care guarantee holds true.

Exposed Skin Care Review Guarantee note: The guarantee is good for your FIRST purchase or kit – for used or unused packages and minus shipping costs. This guarantee also stands for any further UNOPENED items including subsequent orders within 30 days of ordering.

A common plus point I find when doing product reviews, are their ‘money back guarantees’.

I mean, when my friends followed their dermatologists’ treatment/prescription, if it works – great! But if it does not, can they ask for a refund? No! There are no guarantees and the fees are ‘cut throat fees’.

The most depressing part is – the whole ‘going in circles’ for nothing made them really angry, frustrated and lose hope…

Next, there is the Derm-X Cloth.

Some users’ comment that this little soft and white face towel feels great. It is effective to deep clean your face (remove oil, dirt and blackheads) yet gentle on the skin. Use this towel as you rinse your face. This little white towel compliments Exposed Skin Care whole 3-step acne treatment system.

Now let’s dive in to Exposed Skin Care complete 3-step science + nature acne treatment system.

In a nutshell, it is about deep cleaning, killing acne bacteria and keeping inflammation or redness away to maintain even and healthy skin color.

Please do these 5 Tips:

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  • A diet full of whole grains, fruits and vegetables will be great for your skin and overall health. Flush out the toxins from your body by drinking lots of water every day.
  • Do not use or mix this acne treatment with other skin treatment
  • Avoid heavy make-up, too much lotion or moisturizer. If you really have to use make-up and moisturizer, keep them light or make sure they are ‘oil free’ or ‘non-comedogenic’.
  • Do not squeeze and ‘pop’ your pimples as this can scar your skin and spread the bacteria to other parts of your skin.
  • Keep to your skin care routine every day


Make sure your hands are clean before doing your ‘treatment’.

STEP ONE: Exposed Skin Care Facial Cleanser

exposed skin care facial cleanserClean your face with this soap-free, non-comodogenic (non-oily) and hypo-allergenic (good for sensitive skin) Facial Cleanser (4.0fl.oz). Contains zero harsh cleaning agents like lauryl and laureth sulfates. Instead, ingredients like alpha and beta hydroxyl acids plus olive leaf extract, opens up your pores to get rid of oil, dirt and attack acne bacteria. Deep cleans but does not ‘strip you dry’.

Made of purified water, cocamidopropyl, betaine, sodium olefin sulfonate, propylene glycol, capric/caprylic, triglycerides, peg 150 penetaerythrityl tetrastrearate, polysorbate 20, phenoxyethanol, dl panthenol (pro-vitamin B5), disodium edta, polyquaternium-7, salvia officinalis (sage extract), citrus medica limonum extract, citric acid.

STEP TWO: Exposed Skin Care Clearing Tonic

exposed skin care clearing tonicAfter all the deep cleaning, the Exposed Skin Care Clearing Tonic  (4.0fl.oz) is used to further penetrate deep into your pores to keep blackheads and whiteheads at bay.

Then it exfoliates your skin to give it just enough moisture to ‘revive’ your skin by restoring its natural PH balance while protecting it from further ‘damage.’

Ingredients include:

Active salicylic acid (1.0%) and inactive ingredients like purified water, glycolic acid, propylene glycol, dimethylethanolamine, phenoxythanol, sodium hydroxide and fragrance oils.
Natural ingredients are:

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  • Witch Hazel (hamamelis virginia extract)
  • Green Tea extract (camelia sinensis leaf)
  • Passion Flower extract (passiflora edulis flower)
  • Aloe Barbadensis Leaf extract
  • Sage Leaf extract (salvia officinalis)


STEP THREE: Exposed Skin Care Acne Treatment Serum

acne treatment serum exposedExposed Skin Care Acne Treatment Serum (1.7fl.oz tube) contains the acne bacteria killer active ingredient like **benzoyl peroxide (2.5%). This serum will keep away anymore acne breakouts, blemishes or whiteheads – like a protective shield.

Ingredients: Other than benzoyl peroxide, Exposed Acne Treatment Serum has purified water, alkyl benzoate, capylic/capric triglycerides, propylene glycol, benzyl alcohol, alcohol, benzalkoniun chloride, azelaic acid, camelia sinensis leaf (green tea extract), tea tree oil, xantham gum, imidazolidinyl urea, methyl paraben, propylparaben, isopropyl palmitate, silatex d-30.

Then at night, use Exposed Skin Care Clear Pore Serum (1.7fl.oz tube) to heal and renew your skin while shielding it from anymore acne, whiteheads or blemishes. This ‘beautifying’ process happens while you sleep so that you’ll wake up to clear, radiant and healthy skin.

Ingredients: And Exposed Skin Care Clear Pore Serum has salicylic acid active (1.0%), with inactive ingredients like purified water, hamamelis virginiana distillate (witch hazel), glycerin, propylene glycol, peg 120 methyl glucose dioleate, polyquaternium-37, hydrogenated polydecene, tricedeth-6, spiraea ulmaria extract (meadowsweet), glycyrrhiza glabra root extract (licorice), basil oil, camelia sinensis leaf extract (green tea), dl panthenol, fragrance, phenoxyethanol.

This 6-piece kit also comes with Moisture Complex gel in a tube (1.7fl.oz). This gel is to lock in your skin’s moisture but does not make it oily – this gel is oil-free.

The ingredients in this moisturizing gel are purified water, cyclopentasilozane and peg/ppg-18/18 domethicone, cyclopentasilozane and dimethiconol, propylene glycol, cyclopentasilozane, phenyltrimethicone, c30-c45alkyl methicone, acrylamide copolymer, oleth 10, optiphen, cucurbita pepo (pumpkin) seed, mixed tocopherols (vitamin E), camellia sinensis leaf extract (green tea), disodium edta, polysorbate 85, caffeine, sucrose, citrus medica limonum extract.

Exposed Skin Care Benefits…

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  • Exposed Skin Care Double Guarantee – this exclusive guarantee is unmatched
  • FAQ list (more than 25 FAQs) – get this on Exposed Skin Care website Customer Care page
  • The white, soft and effective cleaning and exfoliating towel called Derm-X Cloth
  • The Probiotic Complex – order separately for $34.95
  • Price – The 6-piece kit is priced very reasonably and making this comparably more affordable for the long run. Most of the time, you will need to continue use to maintain your ‘healed skin’.
  • Exposed Skin Care is fragrance free and hypo-allergenic – Fresh smell of certain products come from natural extracts and fragrances


Exposed Skin Care Drawbacks…

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  • Exposed Skin Care Acne Treatment overall ingredients, are more science than nature. One little thing, I really do not see why there needs to be ‘fragrance’ in the Clear Pore Serum? From my experience when I had eczema, fragrance really made my skin worse and inflamed and my skin specialist did advice against having any kind of fragrance, alcohol or coloring on sensitive or problem skin.
  • I looked through the Exposed Skin Care site but do not see anywhere that gives free ‘skin consultation’. Since they have a wide range of products, it does help if users who have ‘unique’ skin conditions, be advised on which solution will be best to start with or customize. You could use the ‘Contact Us’ form though, if you have questions that are not answered the the FAQ list.


** Benzoyl Peroxide Notes and Help Notes from users

Having BP in an acne treatment solution may be a concern for some users. Here are some notes that would guide you right from the start, to you can at least be better informed (thus better ‘prepared’) and may be able to manage your routines better.

Benzoyl peroxide and/or salicylic acid is used in some acne treatment products – when compared to BP, salicylic acid is ‘milder.’

When one product has both of these, used together, can be ‘too strong’ or cause adverse side effects on the skin. There are Exposed Skin Care users who experienced overall very dry, flaky, ‘burning’, inflamed and red skin (even though for some of these users, the condition of their acne  itself showed some improvement).

Please see your doctor before starting any kind of treatment or medication.

Good thing is, Exposed Skin Care works for many people too, with no real side effects. And when Exposed works, it works great and users see improvement in matter of 2-3 weeks.

For your information, for some time FDA had classified BP’s safety under category 3 – Safety Unknown. After more research (on BP and links to skin cancer/tumor) FDA has changed the classification back to 1 – It’s safe. And FDA requires an update on the warnings on product labels like:

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  • Avoiding unnecessary sun exposure
  • Not using on very sensitive skin
  • Keep away from eyes, lips and mouth
  • Cautioning that BP may bleach hair and dye fabric
  • A direction for drug products containing BP, like to use a sunscreen when going outside


If medication or products cause skin irritations, discontinue use and see your doctor or skin specialist. Otherwise, start with ‘small amount’ or less frequency. Increase gradually as you see your skin tolerating this medication or product.

All that said, research and user reviews also tell me that some may feel different about this because, some users did experience improved acne condition and comparatively faster results. And a 2.5% concentration of BP is tolerable for the skin for some people.

Then some gave advice that in case extreme dry skin happens, cut down on serum (or the item/s with BP) or use alternately. Monitor your skin’s reaction as you go along and adjust dosage and frequency. Then remember to use your moisturizer, always.

Most importantly, be informed about benzoyl peroxide. Armed with right info, you can go ahead and give Exposed Skin Care acne treatment a try.

More acne fighting products fromExposed Skin Care CHECK IT OUT

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Clarifying Mask at $25.95 (1.7fl.oz tube)

Microderm Scrub at $30.95 (1.7fl.oz tube)

Derm X-Cloth is $9.95 – I mentioned this item ‘up there’

Probiotic Complex is $34.95 – I also mentioned this item ‘up there’

Visit Exposed Skin Care website to find out more…

Conclusion Rating
Acne Treatment Power
5 stars
Quality Ingredients
5 stars
Long Lasting Results
4 stars
5 stars

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