Vitamins For Acne Treatment To Clear Up Acne, Give Good Skin & Health!

Vitamins For Acne And How They Work

Do you take daily supplements or vitamins? Well, I take my vitamins and fish oil capsule daily. I also take 1 or 2 tablespoons of virgin coconut oil a day, on alternate days or at least twice a week. Well I feel comfortable taking supplements and vitamins for my health and I guess many people do the same. So hearing feedback from acne sufferers, taking vitamins for acne treatment is a common thing.

This is I think, also because taking vitamins for acne treatment is not just a convenient (just pop it into your mouth) and comfortable option but a safe way of treating acne – or at least helps in the process of clearing up acne.

So if other ways are not working too good to clear up your acne and blemishes, maybe this can be an option for you. At least, it is safe and is good for your general well-being too. I feel though, vitamins for acne treatment works more for mild to moderate acne conditions.

The common vitamins for acne treatment include vitamin A, vitamin B complex and vitamin E. Other vitamins, like vitamin C is also a good choice to help in the healing process of acne as it helps to clear up and prevent blackheads.

However there is also a saying that goes ‘using a single vitamin will not get you the results you want or expect but a ‘buffet’ of vitamins may have better chances of helping you’. And do not gobble down too much – instead, keep to dosage as instructed. Too much of a good thing can also do more harm than good. And do see your doctor before using or taking any kind of acne treatment – including vitamins for acne treatment.

Vitamins For Acne – How do they work?

Let us take a look at how these types of vitamins help in the process to treat acne:

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is the best to take if you want to clear up and then control or suppress your acne (from future breakouts). Besides, this vitamin also gives you good and healthy skin on the whole.

According to some research and studies, when someone is deficient in vitamin A, the likelihood of acne flaring up is higher. You see, acne is caused by excess oil on our skin. The main benefit of vitamin A is to hinder too much oils or sebum in our skin. This is because when too much sebum or oil can clog our pores, causing acne bacteria to grow which leads to an acne breakout.

Then since vitamin A is a natural antioxidant, it works great to not just rid our system of toxin but this ‘detoxification’ helps to treat acne. And the bonus of this is good health in general.

Can you think of any foods that are rich in vitamin A? Some of them are spinach, kales, sweet potatoes, winter squash and carrots.

Vitamin B Complex

B complex vitamins for acne are very important for the general well-being of your body. When you are deficient in vitamin B6 for example, you may get more acne inflammations. Then vitamin B12 on the other hand, helps a great deal in removing pigmentation caused by acne.

And do you know that stress and depression can aggravate acne? Well, vitamin B2 helps to reduce stress or calm you so that your acne is not aggravated to a worse condition.

So the stuff you eat that has vitamin B complex are liver, rice, strawberry, apricots, whole grains, milk and other dairy products.

Vitamin E

It has been said many times, to have ‘perfect skin’ or the skin ‘you dream of’ you must take your vitamin E every day. And apply lotions, creams, moisturizers or skin care stuff rich in vitamin E on your skin. Skin care stuff made or based on vitamin E works great for your skin.

When taken orally or by mouth, vitamin E becomes an antioxidant which helps to remove free radicals that can cause ‘damage’ to our skin. These free radicals can come in the form of food preservatives and even smoke from cigarettes. Once these free radicals get into your system, they can cause ‘oxidative damage’ to our skin and our health in general.

What can you consume to get vitamin E?

Almond is said to be rich in vitamin E. Some other food stuff is wheat germ, soybeans, shrimp, tofu and others.

A word of caution though – do not apply vitamin E (creams, gels, etc) on broken or open skin or wounds because this can aggravate the condition in some cases – well, I am one those cases. It causes my open skin to become red and flare up, as well as really itch. Or maybe I am sensitive or allergic to this when applied on to my skin? But when I take vitamin E capsules, nothing happens to my skin at all – even my open skin is just normal and then it heals well.

That said, with vitamins for acne, I guess you should see some good results in clearing up your acne. Anyway, I feel it is worth giving ‘vitamins for acne’ a try as this is a natural remedy and should not make things worse. Still, it is best advice to see your doctor first 😉

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