Zenmed And Why Zenmed Is A Leader Of The Best Acne Treatment Solutions


Zenmed, with a doctor-formulated acne treatment solution, is another leader in acne treatment systems.

Here are some reasons why…

Zenmed is very similar to ClearPores as it is also made of a quality mix of natural ingredients combined with ‘medicated’ ingredients.

Like ClearPores, Zenmed works internally and externally to fight acne inside-out. It also comes with natural herbal supplements to fight acne from the inside, naturally.

Both ClearPores and Zenmed has NO Benzoyl Peroxide.zenmed

So what is distinct about Zenmed? How is it still different from ClearPores?

1. Zenmed has custom-made formulas to cater to various skin problems like rosacea, eczema, scars and imperfections, hypersensitive skin, other than for acne and daily skin care.

2. If you want, you can get FREE skin expert advice from Zenmed before you purchase anything and to suggest a suitable custom-made formula for your unique condition. Really, this is a great FREE service. You do this by submitting a ‘skin health’ form online to their skin experts.

So Zenmed is a natural based, BP free, doctor formulated acne treatment solution. Zenmed’s most sought after formula is Zenmed’s Derma Cleanse formula.

Zenmed Ingredients



As usual, when it comes to what is the best product, ingredients is something important to look at.

And here we have another leader in acne treatment because it is packed with quality ingredients to fight acne inside-out. Such ingredients also give glowing results that lasts.

Zenmed’s acne fighting formula is made of a long and extensive list of quality natural ingredients. These natural stuff are combined with salicylic acid and other ‘medicated’ ingredients – making this an effective doctor-formulated acne solution, yet not too harsh on the skin.

The label clearly lists the ingredients and amount.

That long list in the supplement, together with sage, wild thyme, aloe vera, balm mint, rosemary, vitamins and lots more good stuff in the other items.

zenmedZenmed’s formula comes with a ‘power packed’ all natural herbal supplement that works great to detoxify your system. While this flushes out your toxins, it also gets rid of acne bacteria to give you better health and skin, eventually.

Other Points To Note

User Reviews / Testimonials

Zenmed’s reviews and testimonials come from real life, regular people like you and me, and on Facebook as well – non celebrity endorsing or promoting their product. Many are good reviews and some have seen a difference in their skin within a month of using Zenmed.

Free Shipping

Terms and condition apply for this one okay – so all shipment above $100 and within continental US and Canada are free of charge 🙂

Money Back Guarantee

Note that Zenmed gives a 60 days money back guarantee. You can return used or un-used stuff.

BUT note, the stuff you return to them MUST be received by Zenmed within 60 days from shipment date. So this means you need to allow like 10-14 days for this. If you miss your 60 days guarantee period deadline – sorry, no refunds.

Anyway, it is best you give them a buzz to clarify things when you get your stuff, just in case you need to do returns. You do not want to miss ‘the deadline’ right.

When all goes smoothly though, you can trust Zenmed to give you refunds. This company has been around a long time and is reputable.

Still I have to say, 60 days may be a bit tight – taking the transit time into consideration. Since their acne treatment solution takes time to work and see the best results (you can see a difference within weeks or a month but best results, take about 3-6 months – case by case though). The best thing is, these best results stay – as long as you continue with your ‘best skin care practices’.


To find out more, hop over to my Zenmed Review page OR

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